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T-Mobile 2.0: Now with Coverage!

To the unfortunate souls that have been following this site from the very beginning, hold onto your asses because this is going to shock your bottom clean off you: I’m currently happy with T-Mobile‘s service! To those of you that are new to site, let me explain why this is such a shock. I’ve been with T-Mobile for over two years now, when it was still known as VoiceStream, here in the northeast of the US – I had been using them up here when they were OmniPoint, but I didn’t own that account, so I can’t take credit for it. Anyway, I started this run with T-Mobile with a Nokia 8290. Coverage in those days was very spotty, particularly if you left the routes that the Interstate follow – most carriers seem to use the Interstates and use them as tower deployment routes, back filling coverage into the countryside as money allows. This is where the adventure begins.
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T-Mobile: Bad Coverage in CT

Well, it happens every now and again. You get “bad” customer support and you have to take matters into your own hands. My target today? VoiceStream. Now, before I get into this debacle, the people at VoiceStream have been great. It’s my frustration with their technical support information (or lack there of) that is the problem. The people have done everything that they have been allowed to do – their management gives them some “scripts” and “suggested actions” and that’s all they have to work with, so I don’t fault them.
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