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So, last night I get out of class at about 9 and decide that, as I skipped dinner again, that I wanted some foodstuffs. By the time I get home to my town it’s about 9:15 and most of anything that is still open is mostly ready to close… long lines, skeleton crew, etc. since they close their doors in about 45 minutes. Now I’m thinking, hey… Taco Bell is open late – I was just there last week and they said their Drive Thru is open until midnight on a weeknight. Since I was looking for foodstuffs, as opposed to something defined simply as “food” and requiring silverware (Taco Bell offers sporks!), Taco Bell would do nicely – the quesadillas are mostly real food! In the attempt at dinner last week, I spent about 15 minutes the Drive Thru line – they were that crowded. As I waited, I’m seeing people pick up their food, and since TB has that external “Pay this Amount” thing going on, I see the people in front ordering $10 to $20 worth of food. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with TB, $20 worth of food from their menu is nearly impossible.
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