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w.Bloggar 4.0

Update for MT users: w.Bloggar has finally opted to start supporting the extra fields of MovableType with their 4.0 release… I didn’t notice if TypePad was specifically supported, but it should be, if MT3 is supported. Just an FYI for those of you that like the UI on w.Bloggar over SharpMT, since we’re all part of one big happy blogsphere – I refuse to trash talk for a bigger share of a market that doesn’t make money!

Honest! I’m still working on the port of SharpMT to the next release of the .NET Framework – seeing new blogging clients out there doesn’t stop me from writing code… lack of time stops me from writing code. And once Beta 2 comes out, I’ll have to re-check most of the code, since I’m currently using Beta 1… ideally though. I hope to get SharpMT to state where I could open up the source code for download, although I’m just toying with that idea… I’d have to clean up a bunch of stuff, too, which is boring, but if it helps to show off the new Framework… maybe… just maybe.