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I’m a Wii Magnet

Last year, I helped eight people get Wii consoles. Well, nine, if you include mine. I didn’t camp out of any of them. Didn’t get to a store early for them. I wandered into a store and *wham* there they are.

This year, I didn’t expect to be on the hunt for one. Walked into the local Target a few weeks ago and they have a bunch of them – I didn’t think anything of it, since I already have a Wii; I rarely use and I didn’t think they’d be in short supply this year. Last week, I was talking to a friend of mine who was desperate for one – I said I’d look for one. I walk into the local Target the next day: there’s a stack of 80 of them, so I snagged one.

Today, I finally tracked down an Xbox 360 Elite at a local store. Harder for me to find an Elite than a Wii to be quite honest, but whatever. Unfortunately, I was there when there were about 200 people waiting in line to pick up their Wii’s. I got in line. A sales guy comes up and says “Are you in line for a Wii? Here, take this.” I asked if I could skip the line, if I didn’t want one – he said no. I took the ticket and waited.

So, yeah: the eleventh Wii and someone has already claimed it. Since there is a shortage and these have been mostly for kids, I haven’t even been putting on a surcharge on them…

Tis the season, after all.


Engadget: Wiimote strap breaks, controller destroys TV

Not often that I’m proven “right” during the first 36 hours of a product launch. In fact, I remember saying “Hey, good idea on the strap” because of this very scenario. However, I’m with Engadget on this one: doofus probably forgot to put on the band and is now trying to blame a faulting strap…

Wonder if he picked up the split or not…

Wild Wii

Not willing to leave well enough alone tonight, I went back out to see what was going on in Wii Land, about an hour before Fred Meyer opened their doors. Didn’t go to Kirkland this time; went to Bellevue instead. They had only 54 units in store and they had already handed out their tickets – by 11:15, the line had no where to grow. I then went over to Redmond, to see if any riots had broken out… nothing going on there: quite orderly. I also noticed Target already had a line forming. Eight hours before their doors opened, they already had at least 30 people in line.

Wiild – good thing I don’t care all that much about it or I would have had to drag out my tent tonight.
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