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Brain Fried

Totally fried after last night’s game. First time I’ve had to pace in front of a baseball game in at least, um, well, a year. I don’t do well with October baseball. Can’t watch it in bars… don’t watch it with other people. Gotta pace. Gotta yell at batters than chase the sinking curve ball that they know is coming. It’s how I deal with Yankees-induced, baseball-related stress and not everyone seems to understand it.

And this also leads to why I don’t think some teams deserve to be at the World Series – it starts with the fans.
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Sweet Jesus, the Yankees are in first place.

The Red Sox are a full game back in the Wild Card race.

I think I’ll take a moment to bask. Just a moment… because with the end game of this season, it’s obvious that almost anything is possible… better keep an eye on those Rays after all.

Fall baseball just kicks ass.