Domain Name Finally Registered

You would think that when you register a domain name and they tell you it’s 24 hours, it would be 24 hours. Even 36 hours… even 48 hours would suck, yet be not TOO bad… how about seven days? That’s how long it took for VeriSign to get me this domain. For the last seven days, I’ve spent money waiting for VeriSign to get their plug outta their collective asses and get this domain “processed” whatever that means. I filled out the paperwork correctly; they fumbled. Not only did they fumble but they ran me around in a circle everytime I called – at least they answered the phones quick enough. Could have been nice to have gotten an answer that was useful – would have been a nice change of pace.

The good news, to me anyway, is that I got a three year lease on this name, so I don’t have to deal with them again for a while.

Not that you have to care – this is just a way to voice my dissatisfaction as a customer… get used to it – there’s a lot of stupid people trying to sell stuff out there, and this lack of customer service is all too common. Anyway, welcome to the site, seven days late.

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