“Let’s Go Yankees”

For those of you that haven’t met me, I’m a Yankees fan. I was born into the Pinstripes with a strong hatred (speaking in the form of sport rivalry, of course) for the Red Sox. I was there in the dark years of the 80’s. I would leave school for the summer, and the NYY would be in first by 4 games. I’d return in the fall and they would be in last by ten games. I’m not the type to jump on a bandwagon; win or lose, they’re my team. I’m also a hockey fan and while I do follow a team (Rangers, since ’89 so don’t start any of that “since 94” shit with me – the 1940 chant still rings in my ears) I’m a fan of the overall game. I have a jersey collection of about 15 different teams – college, Olympic, minor and pro – and I’ve been known to wear many of them on occasion. With baseball, I have a similar collection, but with the exception of one Bridgeport Bluefish jersey, all the jerseys are for only one team: the Yankees. I’ll wear no other.

Having said this, it’s not a big surprise that I made a short sojourn into the Bronx this weekend for the Yankees first Saturday game; it will be the first of many such trips. And while it’s always a great time at the House that Ruth Built – a place of history and reverence unlike any other stadium – there’s also a great many things that are pretty… well. Screwed. These would include Traffic (later I’ll give ya some good directions if you’re going to the game from CT), Parking (no words of advice there), obnoxious kids that can violate the sanctity of a $40/game ticket (birth control, people please!) and People-That-Can’t-Find-Their-Seats-Because-They’re-Too-Stupid-To-Read-The-Signs-And-Block-Randy’s-View-Of-Home-Plate. The latter group is by far and wide the most amusing, but also the most frustrating. These are some of the things to come in later articles, but with the Yankees at 5-1 right now, I thought I’d prepare you for some of the Rants to come.

Seeya in da Bronx!

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