Problems in the Media

I can bet you anything that this will be one of those reoccurring things throughout this web site – complaints about the Media. There’s a lot of gripes I’ve got with this nebulous group that has such a driving force in our society today… there’s never a shortage of complaints, with the largest one I have being Clinton’s election and then re-election, but today I’m going to point the finger at an even large target: the mass populous.

You can’t blame the Media, for it’s mass brainwashing practices on it’s own. Nixon gave the Media it’s current power, in the form of Watergate. Before that first massively “hidden” scandal, the press had some decorum and some restraint; after Watergate, every single member of Media brethren wanted to expose something. This made them obnoxiously forceful as well as promoting the “dirty laundry” types of stories; this also seems to be when reporters became even less objective than they had to be. They began to wonder if a story would “sell” more if they slanted it one way versus another. This is a known thing; the New York Times, accepted world-wide as a “historical quality archive”, has the slogan “All the News that’s Fit to Print”. That means they will print what they want because they can; they don’t hide that at all.

I feel I need to blame the mass populous. When did Americans become so damned stupid? It was before I was born, I think. We’ve stopped thinking. I would say thinking for ourselves, but it’s more to the point that we’ve stopped thinking altogether. In the 1950’s, the people of the US did what the government told them: communist bad, capitalist good. The 60’s screwed things up for everyone. In a doomed effort to make Americans more “aware” the liberals turned everyone loose to think for themselves. The media stepped in that void and the Americans of the day rallied around the new “leader” and it’s kept control since then. Oh, it’s not always been newspaper or TV news… MTV had a large hand it the last 10 years and you can’t tell me that WWF hasn’t helped to drive certain things… it’s not a conspiracy theory either – Americans need to start thinking again. Either that, or they need to blindly follow the government again – they did a better job at keeping us brainwashed.

The biggest problem I see is the average American’s willingness to believe something. I once heard someone say “If someone took the time to write something down, it must be true.” People need to hear that b/c they’ll start to see that it’s the truth. “Wow, I saw last night on TV that the 2001 Minivan isn’t as safe as the 2002 Minivan because people driving the 2001’s have had more accidents – I should get a new one!” Why? Did they change the design? Did they sell more in 2001, putting more on the road? Did they fail to mention that there was a surprise run of snow in the south in the winter of 2002, the largest area for Minivan sales, and people had more accidents because of the colder-than-normal weather? Why are we so f’n blind to such questions? One lil news-bite and most people are out to the store. Americans need to wake up and not be so ready to believe.

And if you don’t believe that ya can’t shouldn’t question what you read, you must not read many things written here!

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