Eureka Street

Today’s review is on Eureka Street, by Robert McLiam Wilson. This novel takes place during the “quiet” time of the mid 1990’s, that followed the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It centers around two Irish lads, one Christian, the other Protestant, and how they have survived in such turbulent times.

OK, so I’ve been slacking on the book reviews. What can I say – I’ve been busy reading on the train!

I won’t get into the plot at all because I found it completely interesting – it keeps the flow of the book going incredibly well and has a few twists and turns that you’d never expect. The characters are also good to read about on your own, because they are well “drawn” by the book. The use of Irish slang is something else that got me into the book – if you are at all familiar with words like “daft” or “bollocks” you’ll have no trouble reading the dialog. As it turns out, after speaking with some residents of Ireland, this book was adapted to be a sitcom, some time after it’s initial release – once you read the book, I think you’ll agree that this would make a hilarious TV show. So – if you have an interest in Ireland at all or like to read satirical international work, you’ll find this book to be a winner. Just on it’s own merit, without the Irish setting and political system, I think you’d find this book to be a pisser and one worth reading.

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