To Too Two Too Two To Too Too

Happy Fourth of July!

On to today’s Rant. To. Too. Two. Notice the difference in the spellings? That’s right they are three different words there. Most of the people I share cyberspace with seem to have lost sight of that. Not too much with the Two. Most people know what that means and just use 2. Never mind that while writing, numbers under ten should be spelled out – that’s a gripe and it’s one that even I don’t adhere to as often as I should – I guess most people forget that syntactical rule. And using a 2 in place of to, well, I know that’s just ‘net shorthand; no gripes there at all. But, yeah, two should usually be left in it’s proper form of “two”.

[I actually had a few people express the concern that there might have been some “funny stuff” from terrorists this weekend… that they were targeting stadiums and malls and other public places. As these people were not going to any ball games on the 4th (or the rest of the weekend) I don’t see what the outlying concern was. Oh, don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean I don’t care about other people by that, but this was a “do you think I’ll be safe” conversation with different people, not a conversation about the “greater good of the nation”. And then the mall bit. There must be at least 10 million malls in American these days. Ok, it’s a guessed at number that 10 mil, but think about it. In CT alone there’s at least 20 major malls and about another 200 mini-mall like structures. If the terrorists did something to a mall, the odds of it being the mall you’re in at that time, are slim. At least this is what I tell myself to get through the day… without sounding Vulcan, it’s just logic and odds. No wonder why I suck at gambling.]

What’s been irking me is To and Too. Simply put, read the fuckin’ dictionary! Too means also. As in “I like vanilla but I like chocolate too.” Not “to”. To is something that’s used in many forms and I believe to be a preposition, if my memory is at all accurate. I am going to the store. I want to beat the people that misuse the word “to”. I will scratch my eyes out to prove a point about this. Note the difference? Not that I care, in the over all scheme of things – what I do know is that leaving off that little extra “o” makes you look like an idiot. Too means also. To does not. Just a little piece of grammar advice from someone that mangles it at least ten times in each posting.

“[do I] mind? I have no mind. I’m the village idiot.” [Doc, from “West Side Story”]

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