Resistance: DENIED – Say Hello to iRandy

Didn’t I say, just last week, that someone had to prevent me from dipping into the Mac universe? Well someone fumbled. My used G4 tower is already on it’s way to CT, along with a set of G4 System discs (for OS 9) thanks to eBay and a copy of Jaguar/OS 10.2 from Apple. I also discovered that since I am a professor, albeit part time, that I qualify for the Education discounts at Apple – I could have gotten the new 10GB iPod for $369 – that story just doesn’t seem to want to end!

Anyway, I’ve started to delve into some pre-emptive issues for this Mac that’s on it’s way here. The guy that is selling it leases out PC’s of all types and then auctions them off when they come back off lease. Consequently, he’s obliterated the HD, so no leftover data will be there – including the OS. I figure that since the Mac is so “easy” and I can format and install any version of DOS or Windows to a PC or any type, shape, make, or size, how hard should the install of a Mac OS be? That’s not an easy question – not the answer mind you; it’s not an easy question. Why?

OS X is a totally new OS. Different underlying architecture, UI, etc. etc. etc.. So only applications that have been “carbonized” [trendy Mac term!] to be OS X specific, will run on OS X. If you want to run something else, i.e. something from the original Mac line, like Office 2001, you need to have OS 9 installed. OS 9 will open in it’s own little window, much like Virtual PC does while it running XP, so there’s little worry there. Besides, everything I want to run is OS X based anyway. None of this old stuff for me – I’m all about Aqua!

That’s when the other lil tidbit of info dropped in my lap. If I wanted to be successful with OS X, I have to have the most recent firmware in the BIOS. Whoa! That’s a PC statement. I mean BIOS? Firmware? Compatibility? I felt right at home by such a statement but what happened to the plug in and go bit? Ok, so I’m being cynical already, but jeez. I’m right back at “home” here – maybe because I’m too cheap to by a completely new Apple, but I dunno about that. And here’s the kicker on that firmware bit – to upgrade the firmware, you need to have OS 9. [insert Ta-Da sound here]

So, the journey begins. I’ll be posting updates to the site b/c I can guarantee this is going to snow ball out of control long before it gets even remotely close to being finished. Just going to be a fun and “visually pleasing” ride with lots of aqua coloured buttons!

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