Kick Me

So why read this book? Simply put, it’s pretty freakin’ funny. It’s a collection of short “stories” from Feig’s adolescence – I’m saying “stories” since some of the episodes last only a couple of pages, but it’s definitely a collection of stories in the single volume. Now, I’m not a regular reader of anthologies – I’m more of a novels guy – but this book is well worth the read. I’m not sure if it’s because we shared some similar experiences while growing up or just more of the humor that each of the stories has, but I found myself holding back laughter during my commute, which is an unprecedented thing.

Kick Me, by Paul Feig, is a book that I found by accident. I saw it on a recent expedition to Barnes and Noble – I only picked it up because of the goofy looking family (sorry Paul!) on the front cover… cheers to marketing for having an odd front to a book because I decided to read the back. Turns out that Paul Feig was the creator and producer of that TV show “Freaks and Geeks”. While I should have been all over this show, given the title, I’d never had a chance to see it. I’d heard about it and that it was pretty funny, but I try to avoid getting hooked on new TV shows whenever possible these days – makes Steve insane that I’m not a rabid Farscape fan, but the fact is that aside the Sopranos and Six Feet Under, I rarely have time for TV watching.

Go give it a read – it’s on sale at Amazon!

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