Outages of Two Kinds

So much for the “non-problem” that I was hoping for while switching host servers. Between a combination of not having my domain’s updates done in the promised 24-72 hour period and a couple of other snafus, the site was dark for most of the weekend. It should be better now, and for a while later, but I can guarantee that if the network continues to be a hassle, I’ll find another solution for the site… as always a work in progress.

Also, there would have been a much better Rant today, but the first train I got on broke down and never left the station, so I’m on a train that has twice as many people and we’re going to pick up more and I now have an oversized elder-yuppie reading the New York Times and crowding me in my seat, so in all honesty, I can’t type anymore. Maybe tomorrow!

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