A Week in Review

And now, a week in review…

Site Hosting – Just to keep all of my fellow Ranters up to date, there might be some down time on the horizon for the site. I’m planning on moving my servers around and while I don’t expect any problems, one never knows what can happen when you start mucking around with networks and servers. Needless to say, if you should the site to be unavailable for a day or so, we are just down, but not out.

Starbucks Update – Well, it’s officially then end of the holiday season. Most people mark this with New Year’s Day, but I find it’s more appropriate to mark it when Starbucks retires the Holiday menu, which includes this year’s Gingerbread Latte and Peppermint Mocha. The current promotional drink is the Toffee Nut Latte – it’s pretty good, actually. Sorta like a toffee covered hazelnut type taste to it. However, one thing that I wish someone in corporate would pick up on (or at least to amuse The Siren), is that flavor syrups are usually sucking lately. Some aren’t too bad – mostly the raspberry and orange – but if you compare the different mint versions, there’s little to compare. The all year round “Creme de Mint” is basically the same mint that you’d find in a medication; the seasonal peppermint was kick ass and should be kept around all the time.

Train Story – Just a short one really. Some lil rodent raced onto the train this morning and bolted for my usual “single” seat that I find is the best seat on the trains for typing. Not a big deal that, but when he plopped his cheesy, greasy, stank bloated, salt-n-pepper colored hairy ass into the seat, he looks up at me and laughs. He had this look of like “Oh, aren’t we good friends that we both take the train and I beat you to a seat.” I can’t rightfully say what look was on my face, but he’s been sitting as stiff as a board in that seat ever since; must be a bit tense or something *sneer*. I guess he got confused and thought he was on the T in Boston or Monorail in Seattle – somewhere friendly. This is the MTA of NYC, jack – every mammal for hirself! (Yes, that’s hirself. Given the on going “equal rights” rhetoric out there, I thought I’d start using some of Star Trek’s pronouns that they use for dual-sex species: s/he, hir, hirself and the like. Consider it a pass syntactical fad.)

Bose – Updated from the Bose Acoustimass 6 Series II speakers to the Acoustimass 10 Series III speakers – absolutely incredible. I still can’t believe the difference between the two sets. Basically, it’s ten cubes in place of five; I didn’t think that each cube would be more powerful in itself, so it sounds like I went from five to fifteen. Also the subwoofer is now powered and that’s something that has to be tamed – I don’t want to piss off my neighbors and this thing could easily bend metal, as it’s that powerful. All around great buy.

Writing the Day Away – Another project I’ve been working on is a book of sorts. I believe the exact term is “anthology” actually – I don’t really know because I never really paid much attention in my English or Literary classes, which I would define as ironic since I work in a school (part time anyway) and am now a make shift author. It’s mostly a collect of short stories from days gone by; a set of RetroRants, I suppose, but not nearly as focused on Ranting as the modern writings seem to be. When (or if) it continues along, I’ll post some information here; it’s just something else that I’ll be working on, so the Rants might slow up a little – but not much!

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