Snow Days

Oi. I’ve had enough of snow. Not the falling of snow. Not the inconvenience of snow. Not the 15 inches of snow that accumulated itself outside my front door over the last 36 hours of blizzard conditions. No, I’m tired of the bitching I keep hearing about the snow. It’s all I’ve heard about, from radio, TV news, and people on the phone, instant messengers and chat rooms. All of these people live near me in Connecticut; how are they surprised that we got snow in February?

I don’t get it – I grew up here. Maybe I’m predisposed to the weather here or something, but I don’t think so. It’s not that I ski or ice skate, so I personally want the snow… the only way it truly impacts me is that it keeps me home at night, on occasion, and makes me telecommute more often than I would otherwise. Getting the snow or not makes no never mind to me. What I don’t understand is why people that hate the snow and would still live in a part of the country that can get snow on a regular basis. I know some people that live here because they grew up here and have things to keep them here; they’re trapped. They know we get snow here, but since they have other things to keep them here – job, family, friends – they can’t readily leave. For them I have empathy, since it’s not their fault that they’re still here, but for the people that have no ties to anything here, I don’t understand why they stay if they’re so unhappy. If I didn’t like snow that much, and I could leave, there would be a little puff of smoke where I used to be standing, It’s really just that simple!

I guess after a couple of days of hearing about nothing but snow, I’ve hit my limit. I’ve described this “new snow” mentality a couple of month ago and the thoughts I had then are still applicable today. This is New England. It gets a bit snowy in the winter. We all know it. Has it occurred to anyone that the only thing worse than being bombarded by snow is listening to people whine about it? It’s like when you’re in line, waiting for a ticket or to be rung out at a food store, and the line is really really long, causing you have to wait. You’re stuck there and you’re surrounded by people that are also waiting in line; sooner or later one of the people there will start to complain about having to wait in line. These people are so self-centered that they forget that everyone in line at that moment has to wait as well as them, so why complain about it? You’re all in the same boat. The only think worse than waiting, is having to deal with the whining about the waiting, and that’s a fact.

It’s the northeast US and it’s winter. Get used to it and love it already… or shut the hell up about it!

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