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Whoa: Blizzard Warning?

Yep. Blizzard warning tomorrow night into Sunday morning. The Weather channel tells me to expect 4-7 inches of snow tonight. Another 6-10 tomorrow and an additional 2-4 tomorrow night. Someone forgot to the tell this weather system that it’s not winter yet – at least they also are saying that it will be 47 degrees again by Wednesday, so it’s not a complete pooch screw. Oh, it’s still a pooch screw, but at least this is going to continue all week. Don’t laugh – it happened last year like that. Of course this makes me astonished while people watching…
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Snow Days

Oi. I’ve had enough of snow. Not the falling of snow. Not the inconvenience of snow. Not the 15 inches of snow that accumulated itself outside my front door over the last 36 hours of blizzard conditions. No, I’m tired of the bitching I keep hearing about the snow. It’s all I’ve heard about, from radio, TV news, and people on the phone, instant messengers and chat rooms. All of these people live near me in Connecticut; how are they surprised that we got snow in February?
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