Memoirs of an Italian Geek

The manuscript for this has been done for a while now, but as with programming, there’s always more work to do once the work is done. What I mean is that when you code an application, that’s only the beginning of the final project. After you hit compile for the last time, you then have application level testing (stress and “error” testing) as well as the help system, FAQ files, the web site updates, and lastly the installation. When I started writing this book/anthology, I thought writing the manuscript would be the hardest part… oi, what a typo in logic that was!

I opted to publish with a company called iUniverse. Instead of schlepping around to publishing houses, I opted to use this company who will publish your work for a flat fee and walk you through the whole process. Besides, they’ve got thousands of books already at the online book retailers. Their contract is a non-exclusive one, so if this book should take off for some reason and Doubleday courts me for a book deal, I can blissfully accept it. Also, because iUniverse publishes-on-demand, the book process is at low risk to them (and me) even if it does take slightly longer to get the book to the customer. They also submit the book to places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble – even have an option for eBook publishing – and I find all of this to be pretty fuckin cool.

And so, after the manuscript was done, I had Michelle – of MagnaArt fame – proofread it, bounced some ideas off Chuck and my sister, and Viola! My editing and proofreading was done on Sunday. Of course, that’s when I find the “to do” list that iUniverse offers for new submissions. I needed a graphic for the book’s cover… oh, and the copy for the back of the paperback and a byline for marketing, not to mention a picture of the author… and because hardcover books are included this month, some copy for the inside flaps of that… so a lot more work was involved!

My sister came over tonight to make take some pictures [thanks to all of you that left me comments for ideas for that!] and I spent some quality time with a drawing program to get some artwork for the cover…

And now it’s done. I’ve got an ISBN number and stuffs. Once I started the submission process I found out that a) iUniverse could design a cover for me and b) the author’s picture was optional… live an learn for the sequel. *smirk*

I’ll post more updates here when I get them… the finished product will be called: “Memoirs of an Italian Geek” by R. L. Santi.

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