7 thoughts on “Pocket SharpMT?”

  1. Yes, Please! I know we spoke of this before, but there still aren’t any decent clients!

    I have a PPC 2002 and WM 2003 device to beta test with!

  2. @Doc (and Scott and Bart) – I hope to have 1.2 Beta 1 ready tonight or tomorrow. The biggest problem I had was the site being down for a little while – while this isn’t a direct port (i.e. there’s no Links in the Pocket release) C# has made the conversion pretty easy so it went quickly.

  3. Ok, just got home off a trip and installed Beta 2. Seems to work great on my Axim X5 (PPC2002). Only ‘glitch’ I noticed was when I closed PSharpMT (I use ICBar, so I clicked the ‘x’ button to close, rather than the ‘Exit’ menu item) the Programs window that was underneath seems to be refreshing or something – it flickers every second or two.

    Does every entry get saved somewhere? I wrote 2 entries, and saved them (clicked the floppy icon) but I was only able to post the second entry to the blog site, since it was still displayed in PSharpMT.

  4. If this helps narrow down the ‘glitch’ I mentioned, it only happens when I exit Pocket SharpMT when the Axim is in the cradle. If it’s flickering the window and I remove the Axim from the cradle, it stops flickering. Or if the Axim was not in the cradle when I closed Pocket SharpMT, it does not flicker. Only the Programs window which was beneath the app flickers, not the titlebar and nothing on the Today screen flickers either.

    I also noticed that without ICBar running, the normal PPC ‘x’ button is missing. Is that intentional?

    Oh, I did find the File->Open Draft btw :p

  5. @Scott – Yep, the X is missing on purpose. For reasons beyond explination (and this dates back to the original Pocket PC) the X that “closes” a Pocket PC application doesn’t close it – it minimizes it. I did a check to see if there’s a way to “trap” that action but it’s never reliable. As to drafts, drafts are saved when you click Save or try to close the app. I’ve not used ICBar but I use Pelmar’s Bar – when I close the app with “their close” it, Pocket #MT thinks the Exit menu was clicked.

    As to the flicker, I have no clue. Which OS are you running on the X5? 2002 or 2003? I can check to see if anyone else has the same issues…

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