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SharpMT 3.5

After another three years, I’ve decided that I should a change to SharpMT… I could have made the changes to the version at Codeplex but I decided to do it on my own local code base (and share the bits) because 3.x includes spell checking and the 4.x on Codeplex does not due to licensing issuess. There’s really only one change here: SharpMT now uses the .NET Framework 4.0 instead of aging 2.0. Why? Take a look at the Windows Development Preview for the hint of a clue…

SharpMT 3.5: Install MSI | required .NET Framework 4.0 | FAQ and Product Info

SharpMT 3.3.1: Install MSI | requires .NET Framework 2.0
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Sharp MT 3.3.1

After three years, I’ve finally had to make a change to SharpMT… I could have made the changes to the version at Codeplex but I decided to do it on my own local code base (and share the bits) because 3.x includes spell checking and the 4.x on Codeplex does not due to licensing issuess. Click-through to see the changes, but there are only a few.

SharpMT 3.3.1: Install MSI | FAQ and Product Info
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SharpMT 4.0 – Released To CodePlex GitHub

GitHub: SharpMT is an offline Blog writer that is designed for MovableType based systems. There are three versions of the application: desktop, PocketPC, and SmartPhone, all of which share the same file format for offline drafts. The project files included have three different versions – one for each platform – as well as installation and help system project files.

It’s alive!

Home page: SharpMT’s GitHub home page

Binaries: SharpMT 4.0

Discussions: SharpMT forum
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I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or not, but I’m thinking about it… and I may actually have some free time this weekend (as I’m stuck in my house, waiting for repairs to get done and stuff) but… well. It’s been over a year since I’ve had an update to the products in question…. maybe it’s time.

I’m thinking of putting the source code for SharpMT, Pocket SharpMT, and Phone SharpMT on CodePlex.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

SharpMT on Vista Beta 2

With SharpMT 3.x I tried to use “best practices” when it came to things like network access and security related tasks. It puts the “write-able” files in the right places, asks proper permisisons, etc. I thought I had done a good job. It was OK on XP and on early versions of Vista. Beta 2 however proves to be a stricter arena: SharpMT can’t run because it doesn’t request permissions to register the Spell Checker OCX on start up.

There is a workaround: go into Windows Explorer, right click on the SharpMT.exe file and select “Run as administrator”. This only has to be done once; after this one time registering step, the application will run via the Start Menu or any other SharpMT icon.

Please feel free to report any Vista-specific SharpMT bugs here!


I guess the “free ride” of blogging tools couldn’t last forever… I was checking out Windows Live Search this morning and said “oO, lets see how it does with SharpMT.” It did well: found all the sites I expected it to. Even has a Feeds search which is kinda neat… then I noticed an ad on the right and went “errr?”. Oh, not because there are ads there, but what the ad said: “Smarter than SharpMT”.

Obviously I had to click through that!
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Digital Musings

Recently, MSN Spaces has announced that they are now supporting external Blog writing tools for Spaces users. It’s some good news from for them: offline Blog writing is incredibly useful, especially in places that aren’t as wired as Washington.

So why is this a SharpMT post? I thought it would be nice if SharpMT supported Spaces…. home team and all that. Even though it has been tuned to support the MT Blog engine, I thought I’d take a peek and see what would happen if I pointed SharpMT to the Spaces MetaWeblog API… God, do I hate technology.
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SharpMT 3.0 Beta 3 (Update)

Bug fix time, while waiting for Visual Studio 2005 to ship! Beta 3 addresses the problem with all open drafts being posted when only the current draft was supposed to be posted (the Post All Drafts still works as expected), the fact that sharpmt:// links wasn’t opening SharpMT properly, and the preview HTML template is back to “normal”. Please keep the bug reports coming – although, I am hoping there aren’t many more left!

Update: For some reason the Minimize to SysTray got lost in the shuffle – I’ve recompiled the EXE (it’s now dated May-22) and updated the installs. I have a feeling that Beta 4 will be a while down the line, so I thought I’d just update Beta 3.

Download SharpMT [3.0 Release]: EXE | MSI

View SharpMT FAQ: FAQ

Download: .NET Framework, version 2.0 – Beta 2 (required to run SharpMT 3)

SharpMT 3.0 Beta 2

wOOt! A new mini-feature and a bunch of annoying bug fixes makes for a sub-release of a pre-release of a beta release. Or Beta 2, for short. The bug fixes in the installers and some dialogs/version numbers was for my own benefit, but the mini-feature is a first shot at this bookmarklet stuff. This first cut works very similarly to the way the RSS Aggregator works: click a link and the test will appear in one of SharpMT’s text boxes… in theory. More on this in the article…
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SharpMT 3.0 Beta 1

The latest beta of Visual Studio 2005 included a license that allows people to “Go Live” with applications: developers are allowed to offer applications that have been coded on VS2005 to the general public.

And Go Live, I shall: the first beta of SharpMT 3 is now available. And yes, you’ll need the Beta 2 release of the 2.0 version of the .NET Framework.
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