SharpMT – 2.0 Beta 1

The preview description has got the most up to date information on this new release – the FAQ has been updated as well. Also, this should not prevent SharpMT 1.x from running, provided that you install it to a separate directory (which the installer does by default) and I’m pretty confident that the ugliest of issues are gone from this beta. Please contact me with any problems that you uncover! A lot of times people download it and have a problem with it but never tell me – SharpMT can’t get better if I don’t know that it has crashed!

Lastly Pocket SharpMT 2.0 has not started development

yet, but it will begin once the desktop version is up and running.

Download SharpMT 2.0 Beta 1 and read the preview description and FAQ for more information.

9 thoughts on “SharpMT – 2.0 Beta 1”

  1. Great product really but last night I tracked back two blog entries to this post and only one went. The one that went was the one that I tracked back via MT’s own blog entry creation page (online). I don’t know if it’s me or if SharpMT is just not pinging. I have yet to try Pocket Sharp MT 2 from my PPC.

    Still though, great product.

  2. Thanks! I’m not sure about the second ping – I’ve used two before (one per line in the edit box) but for the most part a) I’m a newbie for trackbacks and b) I just collect them and send them off to MT… if it happens again, please let me know and I’ll take a dive on the Ping stuff! Glad it’s workin for ya otherwise!

  3. @Greg – holy crap! You mean port 80 is blocked on your outbound firewall???? GEEZ. Short answer is no – had no plans to add proxy support. Long answer is maybe – I will peak into the .NET support for such things and see if they have automatic support for it or something… I’ve had piss poor luck with proxies in the past, so I’ve been intending to leave it out.

  4. Randy–not to submit a duplicate bug, but proxy support would be great. I think there’s probably a way for SharpMT to tie into IE’s proxy settings programmatically with .NET. Wish I could tell you how, though…:)

  5. Oh it’s not a duplicate bug – just a duplicate feature request :) I haven’t had a chance to look into .NET’s support of Porxy servers but in the past, the frameworks I’ve worked in haven’t offered *any* support for it. If anything shakes out it will be included in a future release.

  6. Randy, I think the proxy issue is not that outbound port 80 is blocked. I don’t think that is the case; if it was true, there would be no need for a proxy, a firewall would do :-) In most corporate setups only the proxy is allowed to make outbound HTTP requests.

    I am in the same situation – trying to post from behind a corporate firewall via an HTTP proxy. If there was a way to specify the proxy server in MT, that would’ve been very useful.

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