SharpMT – 2.0 Beta 3

Bug fix time for SharpMT: five major (or at least very visible) bugs have been addressed for this release. Download SharpMT 2.0 Beta 3 and read the FAQ for more information.

What’s been fixed? Mostly visual stuff, actually. The first is a bug that addressed the problem of SharpMT being minimized to the system tray and then never being able to be restored – it now works as it’s supposed to. Previous Draft is now spelled correctly under the Window menu. There was also a bug with XP’s themes not being applied to certain controls – this was fixed by setting a particular property on all of the controls that needed it: group boxes, buttons, labels, and a couple of others. All controls that are theme-able are now active.

Also, there was the bug/complaint about Drafts being set as “changed” after a post (and the “Posted” flag was set) – this is now fixed. After the post is successful, and the flag is set, the Draft is saved an extra time. Basically, the issue should disappear in this beta.

Lastly, when categories are refreshed from the server they are now sorted alphabetically in the list and stored that way. The next time you refresh the list you’ll see this – Drafts automatically pick up the new list order so there’s no need to change them. [Basically, to make this change, click Update Categories one time.] The old category order (where they were sorted by MT using the numeric value) is no longer supported.

Download SharpMT 2.0 Beta 3 now!

Keep them bugs a-comin please!

4 thoughts on “SharpMT – 2.0 Beta 3”

  1. Thought of a potential addition, quite minor at that. When posting via MT, it will say Pinging [sites] or whatever — if MT provides a return on that, wondered if it would be feasible to add that to the StatusBar?

  2. Nah – it does do it as part of the posting, but it does it all on the server before it comes back down to #MT. Bit of a pain in the ass too, because I would love to have “status done” but I never know how long it will be once the socket is connected.

  3. Randy,

    Just a quick note to say thanks for this new version. It rocks. You should enable trackback on your blog so that I could tell you that on my blog and not have to type it in twice!



  4. @Simon – Thanks! Glad it’s holding up! FYI, Beta 4 will add a “check for updates” feature, but otherwise, I think things for this release are just about “done”. Going to give it another day or two for more bugs to come in but it’s getting there.

    I thought HAD trackbacks enabled here! I musta missed a setting somewhere… I’ll see if’n I can track that down!

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