SharpMT – 2.0 Beta 4

Some random bug fixes – nothing specifically reported, but things I found during my own posting – and a new feature: notification of new releases. Download SharpMT 2.0 Beta 4 and read the FAQ for more information.

Thought it would be a good idea to add an “auto notification” for version upgrades… rather than relying on the news services for announcing new releases (betas and finals) I’ve opted to put in this new feature (especially because it seems that most people are using SharpMT while online!) What happens is that when you open SharpMT, it will try to check a web server, to see if a new version is available. If there’s no ‘net connection available, if the site is down, or if there’s no new version available, it doesn’t tell you anything. If the web server is found and a new version is available, you will be told about it.

Because not everyone is quick to upgrade and this message would pop up with each launching of SharpMT, I do give you the option to turn it off. It’s in the Editor set of options on the Options dialog. If you do turn it off, you can still check for new releases by hand via the Help menu – Check for Updates does this same check, but it’s not silent: when checking this way, it will tell you if nothing new is found. This is also useful if you’ve opened SharpMT a number of days while offline.

Lastly, given that Pocket PC’s are more offline than online, I’ve opted not to add this to Pocket SharpMT at this time.

Download SharpMT 2.0 Beta 4 now!

5 thoughts on “SharpMT – 2.0 Beta 4”

  1. Minor suggestion: have the Browse button in the Upload Image dialog default to “My Pictures” but save the last location the user actually selected.

  2. I actually thought about this when I coded it – I usually hate it when IE remembered my last download location because it’s almost never the same place twice and a flurry of clicks come outta the download process… this time out I let Windows decide what to do with it which probably defaults it to My Documents all the time, but I do like that it always starts in the same place…

  3. There is another way to do this too. Simply install avantgo on your palm or pocketPC and create a custom avantgo channel that points to your web form. The next time you sync, the form will be posted. You will need to login, and re-sync the first time, but after that, the cookie stored in the palm/pocketPC should keep you logged in. This works for me using nucleus.

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