AppleCare Rebate!

Way back when, I opted to get rid of my 12″ PowerBook and Switch-Back to a Windows based notebook in the form of a Sony Z1A. Having gone through CompUSA, they stood by their products in getting me the Z1A, but I found myself with a three year AppleCare contract but without an Apple product. I had read online that you could request a pro-rated refund on the warrantee so I contact Apple about it and many months later they finally got around to addressing the issue.

Truth be told, CompUSA stuck me with this extended warrantee, and I was irked about it when I picked up the PowerBook, mostly because it was an additional $249 that I didn’t think I needed. Once I saw the online repair rates for PowerBooks and the fact that they accidentally discounted the price of the extended coverage plan, I was sorta thankful – repair pricing on PowerBooks is pretty freakin’ expensive. Shortly after that, I found that my original PB had a faulty ComboDrive and had to be exchange. Seeing that my second one could heat a small house – which I was told was normal – it was eventually sent in for a two week stay in the repair center and I became aware that the AppleCare plan might have been a smarter purchase than the PowerBook itself!

A few months into my Apple journey, Sony released their Z1A model and I was being sent a brand new replacement PB after transaction with the repair center, which made me decide to get out then. Once I did this, however, I was stuck with a “voided” – yet valid – AppleCare contract. After reading their terms and conditions I opted to request a refund. After eight weeks of silence I eventually remembered the refund request and contact AppleCare’s customer service deptartment. They told me to fax over the paperwork – a scan and modem line connect later (it had been two years of DSL service since I last had to dial out on a phone line!) and they had the paperwork. Six weeks after that – which was this past Friday – and there’s a check from Apple for over $200 as a refund.

While Apple might have an issue here and there, kudos to them for having a policy like this – I’m much happier with them for standing behind their policies, even if they “stick me” with the FireBook in the first place.

Speaking of the FireBook, has anyone gotten one of the newer 12″? I know they have a 1GHz model now but I’m wondering if this new Rev B model is still smoking hot?

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