Baseball Update: ALCS, Game 3

Pedro throws down Zim in a baseball fight?! Zim is a 70+ year old man that has been in baseball for over five decades. Pedro – known for beaning batters as much as Clemens – tells the bench that he’ll bean them in the head, from the mound, yet doesn’t get tossed. He’s also a cock-gobbling cry baby that whines about flu like symptons in August, when he’s getting shelled by whole teams at a time, and needs to be suspended for 4 games.

Pedro is such a cock bite.

10 thoughts on “Baseball Update: ALCS, Game 3”

  1. And now ya hear that a GROUNDS KEEPER from Fenway jumps into the bullpen to beat up Yankees pitchers in the Mid 9th. Bastards. Massholes need to be beaten before they are allowed into the ball park. All o’em. They all SUCK.

  2. SO……am I to believe that Boston’s STAR pitcher and STAR hitter are two over-grown children who throw temper tantrums when things DON’T go their way. The way I see it is Pedro was getting smacked around by the Yankees so he has to stamp his feet and cry and hit someone with a pitch because he is gonna LOSE and LOSE he did, he let his team down and when the brawling began the 31 year old ATHELETE beat up an OLD man and was all proud of himself, you could see it on his face. WOW I am impressed at how a strapping YOUNG ATHLETE can beat up a 75 year old man who had two knee replacements. My guess is PEDRO has the smallest little bitty manhood known to mankind.

    And don’t get me started on MANNY…….baby that he is probably peed his pants when Roger began pitching and ducked before the ball even reach the plate. Big strong man that he is had to take the BAT with him to the mound and yet never quite made it there KNOWING Roger, BIG strapping Texan that he is could kick his ass. His manhood is probably right there as small as Pedro’s.

    At least Zimmer had the CLASS to apologize……WHERE ARE PEDRO’S AND MANNY APOLOGIES??? Losers every last one of them AND they let their team down and lost the game.

    Now you know why Boston hasn’t won since 1918. COWBOY UP BOYS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Too bad the Yankees will all be in jail by the end of the playoffs. I can’t wait to see Nelson and Garcia at their arraignment.


  4. Jim Rice and Grady Little………that is the best you can up with. YOU must be from Boston…..too dumb to be from NYC……

  5. Ok so here it is in black and white. BOSTON can play basbeball for the rest of their lives and NEVER win TWENTY-SIX WORLD SERIES.

    Just give it up losers you are never gonna be as good as the Yankees even if you win this year.

    And an embarassment is your team… biggest bunch of cry babies I have ever seen. But what can you expect for a COW town.

  6. The old fart shouldn’t be rushing anyone if he’s so fragile. At least Pedro had the class not to punch the guy. He certainly deserved it for being so stupid to rush someone 30 years younger than him. And why should Manny apologize to anyone? He was the one that almost got beaned by that hack Clemens.

  7. Sorry doll but you can’t have it both ways. He either threw him to the ground as a show of class or he threw him to the ground because he’s an arrogant fucktard. You can’t have him “showing class by not punching him”. If he didn’t do anything, fine, but he DID do something. After all, he’s old and fragile – wouldn’t that imply Pedro coulda gotten away from him?

    As for why he was rushing Pedro in the first place, Zim was beaned twice during his FIFTY year career in the majors, one of the times putting him the hospital for a while, almost ending his career. So when he sees someone throw at a batter’s head, he takes it personally. Further, I remebmer this game: Clemens threw up and in, just like he ALWAYS does. If you choose to face Clemens and stand on the plate like Manny and Ortiz do, you don’t get to act surprised if a ball comes towards your chin.

    Sorry, but that’s not even baseball: that’s LOGIC.

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