Heard about Ghettopoly on the news the other day and almost pissed m’self. Of course, it’s causing all types of outrage. Having heard that, I opted to check it out, to see what the outcry was – after all, the only people that should be pissed off about it is the makers of Monopoly for copyright infringement.

More or less, it’s Monopoly, but it’s themed for the ghetto like most of the themed version of Monopoly are. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a few hundred version of Monopoly there: anything from the Simpsons to MLB to colleges to Star Wars characters. Ghettopoly follows suit and has things like Hustle and Ghetto Stash, in place of Chance and Community Chest. Instead of mortgage values, there’s pawn values. Some of the tokens are shaped like pot leaves, guns, and crack viles. It’s simply themed to be as ghetto as it can be.

So what’s the problem? The usual bullshit. Stereotypes, racism, Blah blah blah. What I find kinda funny is that everything that’s in the game can be found in today’s Rap or Hip Hop music – so where’s the outcry for that? Is it because someone black didn’t come up with it? Yeah, I guess so – the creator of the game is Asian, actually, so for a change “The Man” isn’t a part of the argument. Redneckopoly is coming soon, too – what are the odds that the south will be pissed off about it? None, probably… they’ll appreciate it just as much as non-rednecks would!

I would think that WOPoly would be a pisser – other people need to learn how to laugh at themselves or something… too many protests!

15 thoughts on “Ghettopoly”

  1. I totally agree with him. It is just a game and a funny one at that. It is actually true to life, well at least what TV, and MUSIC make it out to be. So why is everyone getting mad??? Maybe it hits too close to home to them. You should play it. It’s actually a real funny game.

  2. Yeah, I think it is funny, people should chill and maybe mellow out to a little gangsta rap. I got a broken down vehicle in my front yard with grass growing around it and can’t wait to be the first on my block to get redneckopoly.

  3. Panties in a bundle! This game is great. Isnt BET racist? Can you imagine if there were a channel for “White Entertainment Television”? This society is built on double standards. Very sad……Anyway…The game kicks butt and if you dont like it, dont play!

  4. i just got it for my birthday and this game is great! it’s sooooo damn funny!! what is everyone bitchin’ about?? IT’S A GAME!! Don’t we have something more important to worry about people??? i suggest every household have one!!!

  5. This Ghettopoly board game is awesome. I just received it in the mail 2 days before Christmas and played it with 4 friends the following night. We had loads of fun playing it. It was so realistic too. We all live in the same neighborhood. It used to be all White here. Since Blacks have been moving in, we are less than 20% White now. It used to be very peaceful here, minimal violence, kids had dads that were a part of their lives (they knew who their dads were too), etc. We do have crack whores here now, as well as pimps (I see it first hand). I now hear gun shots most nights. Most of what I saw in the board game Ghettopoly we now have here in my neighborhood. The game is true to life. I feel that most rap I hear blaring from car stereos is extremely offensive. Not once in the board game Ghettopoly did I see the ‘F’ word, ‘B’ word, or the ‘N’ word. I wish the same could be said about rap. I am in the process of moving from my neighborhood. The African American lifestyle is one I choose to avoid not out of ignorance, but out of experience. I can only hope for the sake of the decent African Americans that the educated African Americans can put more effort into improving the lifestyles of their own people rather than waste their time condemning those like myself who find the board game Ghettopoly amusing and true to life. Eliminating rap would be a good start. I would gladly give up the board game Ghettopoly (I’d even burn it) if I were able to remain in my neighborhood without being forced to leave. Abandoned cars, stray animals, litter in the streets, graffiti, broken glass, etc., is not part of my culture.

  6. Hm. Ever read a bit of text that left ya feeling slightly uneasy? That can’t tell if someone is employing sarcasm or actually believed what they wrote?

    I haven’t.

  7. Well, I’ve lived around blacks for the majority of my life and I’ve never witnessed any of the descriptions in the game or in your comments. Perhaps if you did well enough to get out of the ghetto (or trailer park), you wouldn’t be able to relate to the game so well.

  8. My niece gave me Ghettopoly last Christmas. Sorry to hear that it had to be pulled off the market. It is just plain funny. I am patiently waiting for Redneckopoly for my son and his family. They live in the good old South. I get plenty of “redneck” jokes from them and my daughter-in-laws family. They are not going to take offence.

  9. Even betta than Ghettopoly iz Ebonic Pursuit 4 about a third the price. U’ll undastand alot mo about bein a Thug than Ghetttopoly. If U gonna do the walk u got 2 do the talk, cana nigga buy a vowel next? how bout wheel of the ghetto

  10. I love these games! When people start moaning and groaning crying “racism” I love them even more!

    Black folks just need to shut their mouths already, especially their so called leaders! Leaders who are nothing more than hustlers looking for a buck!

    Now that Redneckopoly is out for sale, why isn’t there anyone bitching and moaning about that game? Because it makes fun of white people, that’s why. See, that is allowed but nobody better step on the little negros toes!

    Get a life black folks, your whole race IS a joke and should be made fun of!

  11. i have ghettooploy redneckoploy thugoploy and hiphopopoly and the are all so funny i cant get enough i love all of them i also have ebonic pursuit its off the chain, if we cant laugh at our selfs then we live in a sad world at the end of the day steriotypes dont come from nowhere they come from real life, some times the truth hurts. the only ones who should be getting mad are the makers of the original monopoly,get over yourselfes.

  12. I was stupid enough to order a set on January 13th. Since then nothing but a charge on my credit card. No game. No reply to my emails. No reply to my calls. The fucker thinks that he can steal my money and get away with it. He’s got another thing coming.

  13. I have a new game that I will be posting on ebay, I bought it when it first came out. I bought 2 , one I opened and played and one I was keeping for an investment. I wonder how much it will bring? Ever hear an N call another N the N word? It’s OK. Rap music has it all over the place. I’m an Irish man 47 yrs old, I’m not a racist, I date a nice gal from PR. So get over it, get a job and have a family unit. Did the Chinese not build the US railroad back in the day and as you see they are one of the most productive people. Again get over it.

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