SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT Update: 2.01

This a minor – but highly recommended – update to SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT 2.0. The 2.01 release makes a couple of minor fixes to the MT-RPC communication layer that should improve MT communication and a couple of UI modifications to the desktop version. The 2.01 version can be installed over an existing 2.0 copy without any known issues – all existing settings should be OK. I’m also hoping it fixes compatibility issues with dasBlog.

Download desktop version:

ShartMT (Windows)

Download PocketPC 2002/Windows Mobile 2003 version:

Pocket SharpMT (ZIP file) | Pocket SharpMT (CAB file)

12 thoughts on “SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT Update: 2.01”

  1. I hav been searching a blog desktop tool that works with Movable Type … I tried with Zempt, Bloggar and now with SharpMT ….

    I think This is the best tool … but I ussually write in spanish and I want to write some special characters that SharpMT can’t post in my server …

    What can I do for introduce those characters (,, or for example) in my posts?


    Thanks in advance!

  2. I had an intersting bug pop-up. It might not occur all the time, but it befuddled me until I could get to an FTP Program.

    I was using Pocket #MT to post to my Moblog. I uploaded my picture. P#MT returned to the screen and the hour glass stopped, indicating my upload was successful.

    I made my post, and posted it to the server. The post went through no probs as well. I went to the site to make sure it had poasted correctly and the post was there but no photo! So I uploaded the photo again, just to see if I had fumbled it. Again it acted like it uploaded, but on displaying the article there was no photo (Just the Red X). I tried one last time with the same results.

    That afternoon when I got home, I started up SmartFTP to go see what was up. I checked the directory and everywhere else it may have ended up, only to find that the photo never uploaded.

    I don’t know if something got broke, but P#MT doesn’t seem to want to upload images.

  3. @Mariangela – Got me; I only speak english and that’s mostly spotty. Can you sent me an email with some typical text for me? I usually leave all of the text parsing and sending to the C#’s defaults so the best I can promise is that I’ll take a look at it.

    @Doc – so *no* images are going up? Or just one or might have failed? Just curious to see if there might have been something odd with a particular media type.

  4. Hi Randy

    I really like this tool, but I write in portuguese (Brazil), so I also use some special characters (like “, , , , , , , , , , “).

    This is a typical text:

    “Ser que acredito em Deus? Acreditava at o acidente de minha me. Ela caiu em cima de um bolo de carne, e ele penetrou seu bao. Ficou meses em coma, incapaz de fazer alguma coisa a no ser cantar Granada para um arenque imaginrio. Por que esta mulher sofreu tanto no melhor de sua vida – por ter desafiado as convenes quando jovem, casando-se com um saco de papel na cabea? E como posso acreditar em Deus, se na semana passada minha lngua ficou presa no rolo da mquina de escrever eltrica? Estou atormentado pela dvida. E se tudo for uma iluso e nada existir? Neste caso, esse tapete foi caro demais. Se pelo menos Deus pudesse me dar um sinal! Como, por exemplo, um bom depsito em meu nome num banco suo.”

    Thanks a lot!


  5. Doc: yeah, I have *never* found a file that I uploaded, even though P#MT said it was successfully uploaded.

    Randy: no biggie, but how much of a pain in the posterior is it to enable ClearType on Pocket PC? :p I just know what it does; no clue how difficult it is to actually implement.

  6. @Yuri – Cool! I’ll see what happens with the text under the debugger.

    @Scott (and Doc) – So the Pocket version is eating files… I’ll take a look at it. As for ClearType, it’s on for Windows Mobile 2003 already. If Pocket PC 2002 isn’t picking it up, I’m not sure why…

  7. Nope, ClearType is not enabled on my PPC2002 device. What I would suggest is making it an option anyway. I’ve seen screenshots of other (often older) devices, and ClearType doesn’t get along with some of them at all, plus some people just don’t like it.

  8. I don’t think Windows Mobile 2003 gives an option – I think it’s on for all applications. What I had trouble with was turning it on for the Emulator and then getting screen shots but I eventually did…

  9. Oh finally thought of the other suggestion I’ve had for the longest time:

    In #MT (desktop version) if I pull an entry off the server, it shows the [crlf] character. Any chance you could add a conversion so that in #MT we see entry as if we had used #MT to write it to begin with? Just for aesthetics :)

  10. Update on the international stuff: Simple answer is No and I remember why it was done for ASCII only – it’s not up to me. I took a look at all of my XML handlers and they are encoding for us-ascii; when I changed them all to UTF-8 they stored all of the non-US characters all over the place. That all works fine. However when I try to send a UTF-8 request with the non-US characters I get an error from MT. When I consulted Google, I found: which basically states that MT doesn’t support non-ASCII characters via the XML-RPC interface… so my hands are tied. At least I know what to do if they upgrade the server stuff…

    As to the upload stuff and line breaks, see 2.02.

  11. Hi Randy

    I may ask you to apologize to me because I don’t know enough about this technical stuff (ASCII or non-ASCII), but I have a question for you: why Zempt doesn’t get an error when I publish in portuguese? Unfortunely I would like to use the SharpMT (it looks better to me). I think the problem is something else. Thank’s!


  12. Beats the hell outta me. I just know what I’ve seen in my testing and what I’ve seen in the articles about MT on Google. I know that I can save out the text files with XML without a problem (and this does NOT happen now) but every time I try to send UTF-8 formatted XML requests to my test server it yonks all over itself. It might be that a MT server that expects Portuguese might actually take these UTF-8 XML requests without a problem but that’s not what other people are expecting… wish I had more information on it than that, but sadly I do not.

    I’d love to just ask Zempt but I’m not going to open that pandora’s box – I refuse to have a “marketshare” contest for a free product (which we both are) and I don’t have time to learn Portuguese and set up another test server :)

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