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As anyone that knows me can tell you, I’m a huge fan of the iPod. I’ve had one since its first release (when it was Mac only) and have been using XPlay to sync my music to and from my PC. While this has been very working well for over a year – and I hate that music application that Apple included with the Windows version – iTunes 4.1 for Windows came out from Apple this week, so I thought I’d take a look at it. Sadly, Mac-formatted iPods do not work with iTunes for Windows, so I had to make a choice… it’s all working now, but what did I do?

When iTunes for Windows is installed on a PC, and you plug in a Mac formatted iPod, it yells at you saying that it needs some software. Simply put, iTunes is looking for a Windows-based iPod since it’s on a PC. That means that if I wanted to use iTunes for Windows, I had to change my Mac-formatted iPod into a Windows-formatted iPod. I would lose all of my iPod stored music and play lists, but I figured what the hell? Here’s what I did:

  1. Uninstall XPlay. Nothing against MediaFour, but for what I was going to do was icky enough and I didn’t want XPlay to interfere with it. Besides, if all went well I wouldn’t need it.
  2. Install iTunes for Windows. Well, duh.
  3. Download and install the Windows version of the iPod 1.3 Installer. I don’t know anything about the Dock version of the iPod – that’s the 3rd generation of iPods – because it’s on version 2.1 of the firmware, which isn’t compatible with my iPod. In fact, I don’t think the 3rd Gen has any issues with Windows or Mac versions – only the scrollwheel and touchwheel models (Generations 1 and 2) would even have this concern.
  4. Update the iPod. After all of the reboots that XPlay, iTunes, and the iPod Installer have caused, you’re ready to change the iPod. To do this, connected the iPod to the PC and ran the iPod Installer. This will offer you the single option to Restore an iPod – it can’t Upgrade it because it’s currently not compatible. This will format and re-initialize your iPod into a Windows-based version. There’s no recovery from this point – you will lose all existing data on the iPod and I sure as hell am not responsible!
  5. Follow the Installer’s instructions and you’re all set. The next time you open iTunes, you can plug in the iPod and it should find it. In fact, your PC won’t see it until you launch iTunes so make sure you open it first.

Some additional notes: I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to pull music off the iPod anymore, like I could with XPlay. There’s a couple of options under iTunes that makes this possible. Once you sync it the first time, click on the iPod button in the lower right hand corner of iTunes. Turn on “drive mode”. Granted, you’ll have to manually eject the iPod before you can unplug it (just like XPlay) but this will allow Explorer to see the iPod and yes, you can pull MP3’s right off it.

Also, I’m keeping XPlay on my notebook(s) – XPlay is still the best way to simply transfer music to an iPod and iTunes gets very cranky with synching, if all of the music on the iPod isn’t on the notebook’s hard drive. If you try to let iTunes sync a loaded iPod to a PC that doesn’t have all the same music, it clears the iPod. There is also an update for iTunes 4.1 compatibility, so make sure you get that from MediaPlay! XPlay picked up the Windows-formatted iPod with no problem and everything there seems happy as well.

Basically, this seems to be the best of at least five worlds: iPod, Windows, iTunes, XPlay and um, music!

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  1. Help

    I bought an ipod 20gb for my son for Xmas. I have windows XP and loaded the software that came with the ipod onto my PC. I had to buy a card from Currys, where they told me it was the right one for connecting ipod. Started to load ipod but all it does is charge. My PC does not recognise the ipod any where. It just cannot see it. Can you help me at all please.


    jo Yirrell

    (very useless XP user)

  2. Heya Joanne – first question I have what software came with the 20GB iPod? If it was MuchMusic or Musicmaster or whatever, uninstall it now. Then go download iTunes from as that works better.

    Having said that, if you’re having trouble with iTunes, the folks at Apple are probably more equiped to help than I am as I haven’t had that much experience troubleshooting it – mine happened to work out of the box.

    That it’s charging should mean that the card was installed OK and a connection was made, but the driver for it might not be there and that’s something else to investigate – whoever made the card should have a web site so you might want to check to see if there’s any drivers up there for XP.

  3. Hi i just bought an ipod on ebay but i didnt relise that it was a mac version and i have a pc:(! how do i change it over to PC? what do i have to Do? Can someone please help Thanks



  4. Basically, it’s pretty simple. Follow the list above and that should walk you through the conversion. My iPod is a generation 1 – the dial in the middle actually moves – but I suspect that yours is a generation 2 – non-dock but with a touch wheel – and so it can be converted. Generation 3 devices – docking and with 4 touch buttons in a row – don’t need to be converted.

  5. I also got an ipod of ebay but mine was already windows formatted. the problem is, when i plug it in it charges but does not recognise the ipod. i assume i need some insatlling software but i didnt get it with the ipod and dont know where to get it from. Can anyone help??

  6. Have you installed the 1.3 or 2.1 release of the iPod Windows Software? The 1.3 is for the first and second generation and 2.1 for the third generation. Either way I would try Apple for more specific help, seeing as they make it :)

  7. Easiest way is to get an application like XPlay. Otherwise you can download the 1.3 version of the iPod software from Apple and use iTunes. You WILL lose all of your music, however, if you install the 1.3 version of the iPod software – the first thing it does is format the iPod.

  8. HELP i keep getting error 1607 for my winxp when i go through the itunes setup…anyone help me out?

  9. Hi

    The comments made earlier were very helpful but didnt seem to solve my iPod problem. I bought this iPod 20Gb with touch pad. I dont have the software for it but in the iPod it says version 1.3. I cant find the same version from any where please diret me to a correct site. also how do i tell if my iPod is for Mac or PC. I loadd this update of 1.3 from apple website which I installed after installation when i connect my iPod it says iPod need formatting and click update to do so. which i did but a screen comes with the iPod picture and then vanishes away and nothing happens..Please helpp

    Take care

  10. I just got an ipod 4 xmas but when i try 2 install the cd that comes with it it says: “1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime”. Has any1 else had this problem and what should i do? please help!!


  11. Im having trouble with my ipod (20GB) i recently bought it. The day i got it i boughts songs and downloaded them. But now i am unable to download anymore. the sigh “don’t disconnect” doesnt appear when i connect the ipod into the computer. the thing is i havent used the total capasity of songs. help me please!!!

  12. I’d jst like to know, does itunes really not work with windows ME? is there noooooo wayyyy i can get it to work on my version of windows?

    thanks =)

  13. Well, there’s “unsupported” software and “unavailable” software. The former means that if you have questions or problems, the company will not help you even though the software technically should work there (see Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 2003). The latter means that there’s no way the software will work on that OS, much like Norton Navigator 95 on Windows XP.

    I’d check Google some and see what people are saying – given that there’s been so many enhancements to Windows over the last five years, I’d say it’s unavailable.

  14. i bought a mini ipod recently…it came with itunes software, because i have windows me, it wont allow me to download it…i also have a mac which supports ipod use but is saying the usb port isnt strong enough..firstly is there anything i can do about this?… then, i wqas wonderin…when i am using an external disk drive to simply transfer images or documents to my mac computer, when using the windows comp, i open up my documents, go to the drop down menu and select ‘ E:/ Removeable Drive’ .. i then drag into here the files i want to transfer… they are then on the drive. i am wondering if, when i plug the ipod into my pc with the usb provided, when i go to the drop down menu in my documents, it is listed.. i want to be able to go into it, and drag songs. and then they will be on my ipod, but when i try it says.. it is not formatted, would i like to format? and tells me that every9thing on it will be lost.. if i format it, and sacrifice losing all my songs, will it work.. and will i be able to drag the songs into it??? thanx heaps

  15. First I can tell you that you can’t just drop music files on an iPod in Windows – they will go there physically but the iPod’s music database won’t know about them, so they can’t be played.

    As to the USB port not having enough power, I’d contact Apple about that.

    The only other thing that you might want to look into trying is Xplay (from and see if they offer Windows Me support for iPods… Xplay will allow you to drag and drop music files via Windows (XP at least, I know works) and would take the place of iTunes for iPod sync’ing – you will not have access to the iTunes store, though.

  16. Hi i wonder can anyone help

    I have been using xplay 2 for a while , no problems with it infact its great! The reason i was using xplay was that i had an old computer that was running windows ME which (thanks apple) does not support itunes, so i put all my music on. I have just got a new pc thathas windows xp so i can now use itunes , not that i really want to but its just that everyone else here uses it so when i go to a friends house i can just plug in my ipod and copy there music on to my ipod, which i cant do with xplay . Anyway what i want to know is , itunes wont recognise the music on my ipod because i did it with xplay can i transfer the songs from xplay to itunes??



  17. I have a mac-formatted 1st-gen iPod (with the rotating wheel) that I wanted to give to someone who has Windows XP. He installed EphPod which came with a free trial of a software which would allow the iPod in Mac format to be read by Windows. I was able to download all the songs and then run the new iPod updating software (with all the versions in one program, including v1.4 for the 1st gen iPod). The iPod said “ok to disconnect” and the updater software said the factory settings were returned and to unplug and replug to finish. I unplugged the ipod and it seemed to reboot or something and then blinked a picture of the firewire cable, suggesting that I plug it back in. So I did. But nothing happened. The iPod has the apple logo, but does nothing. I think that I opened iTunes, and saw nothing happen. So eventually, I unplugged the iPod, and even clicked the menu and play buttons together to try to reset it. But still all it does is show the Apple logo. I failed to noticed your warning that iTunes should be open first before plugging in the iPod to be formatted. Is that the problem? I have since tried to start iTunes and then plug in the iPod, but it does nothing. And the iPod no longer blinks the “plug me in” screen. Is the iPod okay? I don’t have access to a Mac at the moment to check if a Mac can still recognize the iPod. Perhaps it is just that Windows can’t see it? Might it be the Win XP SP2 problem? Why would Windows be able to read the iPod with the special Mac reader software, but not be able to see the iPod now? I guess I will try installing the SP2 fix and try finding a Mac to connect to. But any advice would be appreciated.

  18. hi!

    i’ve just bought an ipod 20 gb and connected to my windows2000 system… ipod for windows said that my ipod must be formatted. i pressed “ok” and for 3 hours it is being formatted(or not?) is this normal? or if not what can i do?

  19. We bought an ipod mini and having trouble downloading from itunes. We can browse the itunes music store but when we go to download we get an error that says “cannot connect to music store, error 9812”. Has anyone else had this problem? Apple thinks it may be a setting on the computer that is causing this?

  20. I get that same error 9812 — and let me tell you, it’s pissing me off. I can’t find anything wrong with my computer, but iTunes is keeping me from buying music. Not a clue as to how to fix that. Haven’t been able to buy music for months. HELP PLEASE!

  21. Dylan, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your suggestion of going to the microsoft site. That solution worked perfectly and took only a minute. This has been a really frustrating few weeks trying to get iTunes to work and finally it’s fixed. I cannot thank you enough

  22. yaya – thanks for givin’ people a helping hand on this! I haven’t seen it so I was of no use, but I’m happy to offer what support I can :)

  23. This solution worked for me too! I am the happiest consumer alive. Thanks for the investigative work by all.

  24. Dylan, Thank You…I have been tearing my hair out with this problem…you solved it in about 2 seconds for me.

  25. can an ipod actually be used with windows millenium edition? or do i have to upgrade to xp?

  26. According to Xplay2 (from you NEED a 3rd party app to run on 98 and Me – they aren’t the only ones of course, but I’m pretty familiar with their product and recommend it.

    Besides $29 for Xplay is cheaper than… um, what’s XP go for these days? $70? $80? Scary I don’t know that and I know that Panther is $129.

  27. Huuh?? I am spp confused! How do I use my Mini iPod on my ME pc?? I can’t seem to find anything that will make that work.. :S

    Can someone help me? (Send mail)


  28. What’s to understand or cause confusion? There’s a URL and a Product name in the comment above yours – go forth and buy :)

  29. i keep gettin this message when i try to download itunes on my windows xp *unable to install unstallshield scripting runtime* wut does it mean and how do i fix it???

  30. What you ALL should do if your having problems with windows is get a MAC! and even if ur not having problems.. get a mac!, they have and always will be better than PCs and are now more affordable because of the mac mini.

    And of course this will fix ur iPod problems, for obvious reasons.. “Apple iPod works with Apple Mac.”

    Another quote u may want to remember “Macs work, PC’s don’t.”

  31. Tony… lame. So lame I won’t even retort to it. There’s at least four different posts describing the issues I had with my Mac. They don’t “just” work. They’re a computer like any other and ALL computers break. Oh, and if the iPod isn’t supposed to WORK with a PC why does it say “For PC” on the box?

    Lame. Hella Lame. So lame I’m tempted to delete the comment which I’ve yet to do in over 4 years of blogging.

  32. I didn’t think it would be recieved like that.

    I was just sharing my opinion. I have a ME pc and a OS X mac and even though windows is the better-known, most popular OS my mac is much more compatable with.. stuff in general (because things which are supposed to work do) and has never had a problem with my iPod.

    I’m aware that my pc is older than my mac so its not really a fair comparison but i also know what XP and newer pcs are like as i have to use them everywhere except at home.

    anyway my point was macs are definetly worth considering if you are or aren’t having problems with windows (so basically ALL pc users) and are thinking about buying a new computer.

  33. if ur havin problems with it, its more than likely the hardware thats buggered so find out whats faulty n get a new 1.

  34. Like I said earlier: this was over two years ago.

    And just to fill out the end game: The PowerBook was sent back to AppleCare. A week later I got it back with a note saying “We couldn’t duplicate your problem – your iBook’s DVD player doesn’t hang the system”. That made me go “!!” I called customer support and got mean, since the golden rule of retail is “whoever yells loudest wins”. Consequently, they sent me out a brand new placement – however, the whole thing left me without a notebook for over 2 weeks, while sorting all of this out. When I got the new PowerBook back, I returned it to CompUSA as a “down payment” for a Sony Z1A and that was that.

    In recent news I’m still very very very close to getting a Mini. We’ll see.

  35. i just bought a 2nd generation ipod mini, and itunes isn’t recognizing my ipod. it says “the software required for comunicating with the ipod is not installed correctly” i already tried it. i don’t know wat to do, is it the ipod or my pc??plz help me.

  36. Dylan, you rock. As everyone else stated, your suggestion was the solution to my inability to connect to the music store problem

  37. I accidently deleted my music from itunes. How can I download the music on my ipod back to my itunes on my computer.

  38. Hi

    I just got a 40gb iPod (not photo) and my PC has Windows 2000, sp4, and connecting through USB.

    I had some delays installing the software from the CD’s as 1) the installation for both the upgrader and the iTunes seemed to “Hang” so I cancelled a few times… then when I left it sitting there (out of frustration) it suddenly seemed to install, so I presumed it had gone ok.

    2) when installing the upgrader, an alert came up saying it needs to configure my iPod but as I read I need to install the software BEFORE connecting my iPod, I skipped that step. However, I was never asked to repeat that step AFTER installing the software, so perhaps there’s a step that never took place…

    … which may be why I hit the problem of the iPod not being recognised by my machine. Within the numerous reboots I went through, there were a few occasions where I got an alert saying iTunesHelper.exe was attempting to access some parts of my memory which it couldn’t; at other times the windows startup just hung; if those didn’t happen, when I tried connecting the iPod nothing happend (iTunes didn’t start, nor did the iPod show up in iTunes or My Computer if I opened them). If I tried running upgrader manually, it would come up with an “iPod Service Error” and just not work.

    After 5 hours of trying, uninstalling, downloading latest software, re-installing, resetting, I gave up and went to bed very unhappy. Has anyone had the same sequence of problems, and if so, any obvious errors I’m making or a good fix? Sorry to treat this like a support forum!

  39. I just bought an iPod mini and i tried installing the software for the iPod and iTunes but onceits almost complete is says it cannot register and to contact support or somethign like that…then i found out that the iTunes 4.1 only works with Windows 2000 or Windows XP….and i only have windows 98 on m computer….is there anyway of installing it with windows 98 soo i dont have to go out and pay all that money for a newer version of Windows?

  40. Hi,

    I just bought an ipod and for some reason is not recognised in the itunes program? I have a windows labtop with a usb 1 not 2. Is this the reason?

  41. hi, i have an ipod and my mom has an ipod mini and my dad generally manages our transfers because we upload our music onto his laptop. well initially we had just my ipod with my music downloaded onto the laptop but since she got one, my dad deleted all my music and uploaded hers. i recently uploaded a few more CDs to his computer and i am looking to transfer them, but not the rest of my mom’s library onto my ipod without deleting everything that i have currently on my ipod which i fear will happen if i connect because the songs are no longer in the library. we have windows 2000 on the laptop. i think i can do it manually but how do i set it to manually update before i connect the ipod so it doesn’t auto update as it does now… please email me back with help. thanks!!


  42. Hi, my friend has a apple-formatted ipod and wants to connect it to my PC so that he can download my library from itunes. However, his ipod is not appearing on my itunes. has anyone else encountered this problem? (FYI there was no problem in connecting my PC-formatted ipod to his mac itunes …). All help gratefully received …

  43. Help Please, i bought an i pod yesterday, an i have a windows millenium eddition pc is there any way i can have itunes, or another way to put music on it that wont damage my ipod.

    please help

  44. I bought an ipod mini 4gb and after an hour and a half of formatting i get an error message that tells me to disconnect my ipod and reconnect it. any clue how i can fix this?

  45. Most of my songs got deleted from itunes, and im scared if i up-date my ipod ill lose the songs, how can i format it so when i update my ipod i wont lose my old songs that were already on it? please answer back….Thanks alot!!!

  46. i just purchased an Ipod 40 gb and i have windows xp. when i tried to install the software via CD-Rom i got the error 1607. im currently downloading Itunes, and ipodsetup.exe, will these solve my problem, what should i do….i am going insane!!!

  47. Hey Randy is a jackass his tips are simply go to Apple obviously an employee of said company be a little more helpful than simply ask apple you asshole!!

  48. Um, dumb ass, I don’t work on iTunes. I don’t troubleshoot software for a living. I don’t work for Apple. Hell, I don’t even live in California.

    So if I haven’t had the same problem and I have no solution, what would be the best advice? Be a troll on a blog like YOU? No, the best advice is to go back to the people that make the software yer having trouble with. Duh.

    Shoo, mutant. You suck.

  49. I have an ipod mini that i got in feb. but when i go to download itunes my computer wont let me because i have windows millenium. Is there any other program that i can use/download to put my songs onto my ipod without itunes? If anyone can help me out pleaseee email me im desperate!

  50. yo randz,how r ye? im havin this stupid error 1607 every time i try to install itunes or the ipod software.i hear its a prob with the win installer authority or somethin.either way if u could tell me a solution without having me to talk to apple it would be gr8 as i live in india.get bak soon and i admire u for doing this for free.thx

  51. I just recently bought a 3g ipod from a friend but he lost his iPod software from the CD that came with the iPod when he first bought and im wondering if this is the case why i cant connect to my computer and transfer files and why i cant charge my ipod. now i got to go buy the wall plug just to charge it because everytime i try to charge it with the usb, it shows the battery with a caution sign by it and then it cuts off. Some FRIEND. =( PLZ help me

  52. i loaded i tunes onto my brothers laptop with microsoft xp and now has its to have the hardrive reformatted my little brother then loaded i tunes onto my dads laptop which has now become unstable and has crashed several times what is happening with i tunes has anyone got anwsers???????

  53. I have Windows 98 and I want to purchase an ipod. I am pretty much a computer idiot but I do see that Windows 2000 is a requirement. I read that people are frequently having problems with Windows 2000. What do you recommend? Buy a new computer????

  54. hi i just got an ipod mini and i get the 1607 error msg so i followed everyones links n advice n im still not gettin anythign so i phoned apple n they weer like u need to contact microsoft only for me to find that my product key is a knock off and not official so they cudnt asssist me, i have xp and tried deleting the service pack 2 too but i cant delete the service pack im this close to throwin my ipod off a wall

  55. im using windows ME and just downloaded xplay after my comp was recovered. Before the recovery, this program worked fine, now when i plug my ipod in, it will start charging but does not connect. The screen “donot disconnect” wont appear. it doesnt detect my ipod. can someone please help.

  56. Is any 1 there i need help with my ipod i just bought a ipod and download the itunes but when i go to the music store it says theres a ERROR. CAN ANY 1 help

  57. The battery for my IPOD mini keeps failing after about an hour. I took it to the Apple Store and the guy told me that the battery is getting worn out by all the unsupported software (non-Itunes music) that i have. Anyone heard this bull-shit excuse as well? I don’t believe them.

  58. Bought an iPod mini yesterday and have a computer that has Windows Millenium…with that said, I downloaded Windows XP after I got my first error message, restarted my computer (watched the Windows Me screen come up) and tried to load iTunes again. Same “severe” error that I do not have the correct operating system on my computer – how is iTunes not recognizing my operating system or is XP not loaded correctly? Please help…

  59. Dude, you can’t download and install XP… and iTunes won’t work in WinME.

    You can get an application like XPlay to use your iPod with a non-XP based PC…

  60. You said you downloaded Windows XP. That means that you used IE or an FTP client to download something from an Internet hosted server.

    Now if you plopped in a disc with XP on it, and installed if from that, that’s something entirely different. That’s installing, rather than downloading… why XP didn’t install, I have no idea. :)

  61. Randy, again thank you. Call me computer ignorant, but would there be any means of knowing if it did install? Word, Excel, PPT, all say XP edition, but this annoying little iTunes CD says differently!

  62. To install XP it’s a major process. It will replace WinMe and put WinXP over it… Office XP was an edition of Office that was released at the same time as Windows XP… if you’re uncertain about XP, I would get an IT guy in there and install it for ya – an OS install is often a major thing.

  63. Randy, thank you for all your help. I know this stuff comes easy to folks like you, but us dumber ones really appreciate the answers. You’re right, it’s office xp, not the operating system. Again, thanks…and I’ll ‘download Xplay like you recommended earlier!

  64. I’ve fixed my 1608 error by enabling my Windows Installer service. It was previously disabled and running manual.

  65. Please help. I run windows xp and have just updated my version of itunes to the latest one.Now it won’t work i’ve installed uninstalled but still no joy the download is just not working. What can i do?

    Kind regards


  66. Apple replaced my ipod under warranty, but the new one says that it needs to be formatted. I click to format and it tells me it needs windows 2000 or windows XP. I am USING windows XP home with all the updates. Any ideas?

  67. You could download the latest Firmware and tell it to restore itself – that will cause the iPod to be complete wiped clean… that would be more applicable than just formatting it (Windows would think it’s an external FireWire/USB drive, rather than an iPod).

    One thing to note: you will need an AC Adapter handy to complete a firmware flashing session! They mention this in Apple instructions, but not everyone sees it.

  68. my mini ipod icon won’t show up in the tunes no matter what I do. my Win,XP PRO. will not see my ipod CAN U HELP.

  69. Hi Freddie – I took off the other two comments because they made as much sense as this one… if you’re having that much trouble and you’re running XP already, please contact Apple. They can help.

  70. Anyone running win2000 sp4 loose the ability to play back an audio cd from both cdrw and dvdrw once Itunes 4.1 and ipod mini were installed? I updated all firmware for my drive but I’m still using the generic windows driver for my drives. I also tried various controllers for my chipset…No luck anywhere…please help

  71. OKay..I just bought an Ipod Nano for my girlfriend. We are getting error 9812. I saw above a link to fix it. when I hit the link and it says that the info link is no longer available. Is there anyone that can help with this.. PLEASE!!

  72. Hey Randy!

    I have a problem. Normally I use iTunes to transfer music to my iPOD, but today I just installed XPlay in my old laptop (windows 98). After tranfering some songs to my iPOD mini by XPlay, all the songs have “dissapeared” from the iPOD display. I can acces to the songs by XPlay, but not by the iPOD. Please help!!!

  73. Well that’s odd. Sounds like Xplay put the files on the HD of the iPod but they didn’t make it into the database. You might want to remove them from the iPod and try to re-add them… or contact MediaFour – they should be able to help you sort it out… they’re a good company over there.

  74. i just got an ipod and i have windows ME.. is there another way for me to get music onto my ipod without having to buy another program. Is there any program that i can jsut download for free or anything? (in other words not xplay mediafour)

  75. Hi.I have an ipod mini.It worked fine on iTunes, i could see the playlists etc.But after my friend came over with his and plugged it in, my iTunes can’t find the ipod.I can see it on my computer but not in iTunes or the ipod updater.

    Can you help me?

  76. Hey i just recently got the ipod video for my computer and it will not let me download itunes. I inserted the disk that originally came with the ipod and it says i need a windows 2000 sp4. The problem is I already have windows 2000. Everytime I go to the itunes page, and I click on download nothing appears and I am unable to install itunes. Could you please help me.

  77. To all that have iPod questions: contact Apple – they are the best resource for supporting, well, Apple products!

  78. I will admit straight up that I am one of those folks that made …for Dummies necessary. Honestly, if you want to laugh at me, go ahead, smiling and laughing is good for your karma. : )

    Here’s the deal. I want to get my daughter a nano IPOD. I’m running windows 98. I don’t want her to open it on Christmas morning and not be able to do anything with it.

    What all do I need to do now to make sure that she can play with her new toy on the big day? I read about Xplay, but is there a difference between 98 and 98SE? And will I need something besides what typically comes with the apple ipod when you buy it (besides cables)…like a port? I really do not know these things…just want to do something nice for my kids. Will a kind (and patient) soul please help me?

  79. Well, for XPlay questions, your best bet it to give MediaFour a shout – they can tell you whether or not it needs 98 or 98SE (which is Windows 98 Second Edition).

    As to the physical hook up, alls you need is an open USB port. If you plug it in without the software it will show up like a hard drive; it’s the software that lets you send music over to it real.

  80. help me get this DAMN thing off my pc i deleted it but it still doin something dodgy this setup for itunes is terrable i dont even hav a stinkin ipod

  81. I have windows ME, I see music match is free to download, will this work. Also I bought the Ipod second hand and has music still on it, will i be able to formatt it with music match

  82. hey guys…i did a really foolish thing.when the itunes window opened it prompted me to update it.and i did.earlier it was itunes 4 and i updated it to itunes 6.when i plugged in my ipod it started charging but itunes said that no ipod was connected.then i deleted this itunes 6 and downloaded itunes 4 from my ipod cd again. but it still charges only and itunes says that no ipod is connected!!!!! m so tired trying to figure this out…can anyone help?

  83. I have a 20GB docked iPod on win XP PC.

    Ever since loading, service pack 8, Ive had intermittent success with iTunes and the iPod updater recognising the iPod. In the last few weeks it has failed totally, and although charges OK through the firewire, there is no acknowledgement by the PC that it is connected.

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes, got the latest Updater, reset the iPod, and still no luck.

    Both Microsoft and Apple have no further suggestions on their support pages, any ideas out there.

    I know there have been some similar probs posted, but these havent worked for me.

    Please help.

  84. Win XP has only gone to Service Pack 2, so I’l assume that was sarcasm.

    Check your Services – make sure that anything iPod related is set to start Automatically, rather than manual or disabled. Also make sure the iTunes has access via the firewall. Another thing to check is Explorer: if it’s finding a hard drive, that’s a good sign in a way… if it’s not consider getting another FireWire cable and/or card. Another thing to check is another external FireWire driver, to verify that FireWire is working at all…


  85. hey, I need some help with my itunes. The other day I opened itunes and when it popped up, all the songs were erased and now I don’t wanna connect my nano to the comp cuz it will sync and then I will have no songs. Is their a way to get those songs back if you dont have them backed up. Also, I was wondering if its possible to go to a friends hosue and get his but then when syncing it back to your computer you still have your friends songs. A reply to both of these questions would be fantastic! thanx and Merry Christmas!!!

  86. hi i bought i ipod nano and i realised when i tried to download the software it only works on xp or later n i have a windows 98 so what do i do ???


  87. i only have windows 98, is there anyway that i can download music to my ipod without getting windows 2000 or xp? if anyone knows please let me know.



  88. ever since i upgraded to itunes 6, I can no longer copy any CDs into iTunes. PLEASE PLEASE HELP{. $400 down the drain

  89. I recently got a new Dell laptop and am attempting to install itunes 6. I can install itunes 4 from the cd that came with my ipod (nano)but whenever I open the instalation file for itunes6 it goes through the first screen (appears to be unzipping) and then I don’t see anything else. Not sure what to do, any help would be appriciated.

  90. Please help!!!

    I have just got an ipod nano for xmas. Our computer runs windows millenuim so this means i cant run itunes!!!

    Is there a setup avaliable to download for windows millenuim?

    I tried to download itunes 1.3 but it says ipod not connected when it is!!!


  91. i have a question..hopefully someone can help me…cuz im so confused on this whole iPod thing.

    i bout and iPod and i was downloading music and everything but when i put the CD thing in to install says i need to have windows Xp or 2000…i have the millinum edition..what do i have to do so i can install iTunes..please email me if ya know what to do..thanks


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