Whoa: Blizzard Warning?

Yep. Blizzard warning tomorrow night into Sunday morning. The Weather channel tells me to expect 4-7 inches of snow tonight. Another 6-10 tomorrow and an additional 2-4 tomorrow night. Someone forgot to the tell this weather system that it’s not winter yet – at least they also are saying that it will be 47 degrees again by Wednesday, so it’s not a complete pooch screw. Oh, it’s still a pooch screw, but at least this is going to continue all week. Don’t laugh – it happened last year like that. Of course this makes me astonished while people watching…

Actually, it’s sorta scary… people seem to have forgotten where they live from season to season. I don’t get it. I have to presume that most of the people that live in Connecticut were here last year. Last winter, we got a shit load of snow. By the end of February ’03, everyone just lived thru the snow storms – as we got at least one a week, if not more – and went about their business. Today, I could hardly get into the local IGA just to get some soda. People were bulking up on milk and water, bread and Ensure, and Oi. It was a freakin’ nightmare! Long lines, obnoxious people, and a general sense of “we’d better get home now before we get snowed in!” type urgency.

Did people forget that this is New England? Did people forget that we’ve lived through this countless times, less than ten months ago? I heard that there was a 14 car pile up on the Merritt Parkway… I’m not surprised. It was either a whacked out SUV – carrying a driver that hasn’t realized that “4×4” does not mean “can drive over ice as if it wasn’t there, doing 70 miles an hour and still try to stop on a dime” – or someone saw a snow flake, causing a 95% drop of speed instantly, bringing everyone into a snarl of accidents. Either way, same problem: people have forgotten that they can drive through snow.

Ah, New England. Nothing quite like it. Of course this will lead to almost 45 hours of Halo playing online… if you see Donut there, throw a snowball at me.

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