Offensive? Hardly

Here I am at my local Starbucks – shocking, I know – working on some class slides, when I noticed the woman mother sitting next to me breast feeding her baby. You’d think this would draw a comment from me, wouldn’t you?

Personally I could care less. Kid’s gotta eat, right? The mother isn’t flaunting the kid around or flashing the public… hell have you seen what some women wear that they shouldn’t? Wearing an Abercrombie too-short/too-tight shirt is like Spandex: it’s a privledge and not a right! And if you are guilty of this offense and think that bouncing a jelly roll is attractive to me because of all the men that want in your pants, take it from me: it’s not attractive – the men trying to get into your knickers are trying to figure out how that roll is staying in one place so often. They aren’t attracted to it; consider if scientific curiousity.

I digress.

The mother feeding here is actually quite discrete about it, keeping her and kid covered at all times – I wouldn’t have even noticed but she’s sitting right next to me, and at first I wondered why she would keeping the kid under her jacket b/c it’s not that cold in here… if some people have a light above their heads, I sometimes thing I have a candle or a halogen light… you know, like the kind at a stadium? *click* *click* *click* *click* *boOF* before the light shines.

I digress, again. I think I’ve been reading Rory’s site too much lately.

I’ve not no issue with this woman, in any possible area. I’m not all perv’d into it, trying to catch an eyeful – gimmie a break: that’s what online pr0n and DSL is for! I’m also not grossed out by it like a lot of people could be – it’s a natural bodily function to me. And I’m certainly not getting all ga-ga’d over the kid or having a Norman Rockwell moment, pining for a time when my own brood can gather around me by the hearth in my old age. I’m old enough as it is, so I’m going to romanticize it. Could also be because I’m listening to some old, raw Rush tunes that can negating that settle down feeling – reminds me of high school – but some how I think I’d feel the same way regardless of music selection.

Oop – kid just changed to the other breast.

Meanwhile, there’s a woman that’s in the shape of a cube on the other side of me, that has done nothing but talk on her cell phone for the last 1/2 hour… bit rude and all, but thankfully I can’t hear her over the headphones. Honestly tho, I think yammering in a public place in a loud voice while on a cell phone is much more offensive than a woman quietly tending to her child no matter how much breast is showing. Modern society isn’t easy but there must be some rules that we all should follow.

Get off the freakin’ phone and enjoy your coffee!

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