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Over 500 downloads in 24 hours? Yes, SharpKeys has been getting that much notice. Who knew? Anyway, seeing as it’s taken off as an “official” project, it now gets it’s own category: SharpKeys.

What I find to be truly ironic is this: I’ve collected more cash through donations in 2003 than I did selling shareware in both 2002 and 2003… personally I love to see that – I dumped all the cash from donations right back into the projects with the spell checker control, so everyone benefits: me for not having to shell out my own cash for it and my users because, well, they get a spell checker. I just think it’s ironic that people will pay for software when they don’t feel they have to.

Of course, I make more in selling shareware in 2002 and 2003 than I have so far selling my book… but that’s a whole other issue!

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