SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT – 2.1 Beta 6 (RC2)

Release candidate #2! A couple more key things for this release in both the desktop and pocket version. I’ve also added a permalink to the Software page for both SharpMT projects. Lastly, unless someone finds something major, I plan to call this “done” on Friday (I have a new hard drive to install into this notebook and that will knock me out of commission for a day or two) and I’m looking forward to getting this release done.

SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT – Added a new Draft default (even though it’s an application level default – I ran out of room on the dialogs!) that deals with the target attribute for inserted URL’s. In SharpMT it’s the same ComboBox that’s in the Add URL dialog; in Pocket SharpMT it’s the same TextBox that’s in that Add URL dialog – basically anything that you type in here as a default will always appear in an Add URL dialog. The desktop version just give you the convenience of listing the most common targets.

SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT – The Custom Tags are now attribute aware when inserting enclosed tags; they always were OK for contained tags. Basically if you have any attributes listed in the text box – for example: a name=”comments” – the first word will be used as the closing tag – for this example, an insert tag would be: <a name=”comments></a>. Also, if you didn’t pick up on this, but for contained tags and XHTML, just include the / in the text box – br is ok for HTML but you’ll want to put in br/ if supported XHTML. Just an FYI.

SharpMT – Added a Clear MRU List into the Options dialog; you’ll see it on the Editor panel. At this time I have no plans to hide it, seeing as it’s not harming anyone.

SharpMT – Bug fixes. There was an issue that would pop up if you got all of the Blog Links, deleted the most recently published one and then tried to sync them. Well, sync’d them and told SharpMT to “add new links” to the existing list. Before the fix you’d have to restart SharpMT before it would sync properly… That’s fixed now. Hah, and you thought I wasn’t testing things!

Thats it: Release candidate 2.

Download: SharpMT 2.1 Beta 6 (RC2)

Read: SharpMT FAQ

Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

Download: Pocket SharpMT 2.1 Beta 6/RC2 (ZIP) | ARM

Read: Pocket SharpMT FAQ

Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

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4 thoughts on “SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT – 2.1 Beta 6 (RC2)”

  1. @Doc – It’s what I do when my day jobs wind down! This should be “it” for a while, so please let me know if anything is broken :)

  2. Great software! I just signed up with TypePad and plan on using your software but I do have one thing causing trouble..

    If I turn on “auto show SIP” and I’m using Calligrapher, I can’t enter data into the body. It seems like calligrapher is getting “pinged” about every second and it aborts my text entry. I can enter text fine in title while this is going on.

    If I turn off Auto Show SIP it seems to work fine, but I have to go activate Calligrapher…

    Also, your tabs are hidden when the toolbar for Calligrapher or Transcriber pop up…

  3. Ah, well the Auto Show SIP option only supports the built-in PPC SIP… I would leave it off, if it’s causing issues. Same thing is true about the tabs being hidden – I tell those to move if the SIP tells me it’s open… if Calligrapher or Transcriber don’t tell me that they’ve opened their SIP, I don’t resize the windows… sorry that that part isn’t working for ya, but I hear that Pocket #MT works well with TypePad so it shouldn’t cause you any issues!

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