4 thoughts on “Microsoft… The Good Guys?”

  1. Indeed, but the case they make is factual beyond biased… of course having Nokia own Symbian could make the all the Symbian handsets the “best in the world” in which case the end user would win, but I doubt that would be the case. I’m 100% certain that Nokia handsets would be good Symbian handsets, but Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, et al would get screwed by them, as is normal in business: “Want Symbian on your phone? $100K a month in fees, please”.

    I just liked the fact that Microsoft was painted in a good light for a change – made for a bit of difference in an otherwise average day.

  2. MSMobiles – and their leader is well known in the mobile technology scene. he was once working for Nokia but got “dumped” by them.

    It seems that he made some very very bad experiences and now tries all to become an MVP (Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft) and to rant about Nokia.

    That’s why he paints MS in a good light. Because he wants something from them. He is just a … well – not worth talking about ;)

  3. Ouch! Even so, he does make a number of good points about the whole thing. Regardless of who he is or what he’s done before, the points are still valid.

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