SharpKeys Works with Windows 11

PSA: SharpKeys works on Windows 11 with the current 3.9 version – no updates are required for the new OS.

Works as well as it did on Windows 10. And 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT 4, and NT 3.51 before it!

Additional PSA: if you are looking to modify combo keys (“How do I change Ctrl+Z?”) or hardware keys that Windows cannot recognize (00_100) or “new” keys that are triple-byte enabled (“How do I remap E0_205B?”) please give Windows PowerToys a look. Their remapper is active, meaning there’s a service running that maps keys for you while SharpKeys is simply exposing the key remapping that is built into Windows itself.

7 thoughts on “SharpKeys Works with Windows 11”

  1. As a note, if you are trying to switch Ctrl and CapsLock using Windows PowerToys it will break the way AltGr works for international keyboards (see issue #11734). SharpKeys works just fine.

  2. Many thanks for the app. I didn’t know Windows could do that.

    My left shift failed miserably – on a less than 2 year old model M keyboard from Unicomp, I might add – and I was going nuts trying to do my normal keyboard things using the right shift.

    I found your app and mapped the Caps lock key to the left shift. Since it’s right above the left shift, it’s a small muscle memory adjustment and I think I’ll get used to it while I wait for my not-from-Unicomp keyboard to arrive.

    Well, I haven’t actually purchased another one yet, maybe I’ll wait a couple of days and see how the new Caps-lock-as-shift goes. But for me, only a model M will do. I had the same one (original IBM) for almost 25 years and it only went to the keyboard graveyard because I got it wet. Too bad Unicomp’s aren’t made to last.

    Okay, enough of my tale; you’ve made my day with your app. Thanks again!

    1. No it does not work, the key sometimes is pressed somehow but when I press it again to disable it, it goes back to not working (like intended) and I can’t disable it, worse than before using your software

      1. Sorry, but I’ve been using it for close to a year: works fine.

        What key are you trying to map and are you remember to reboot after saving the Registry setting?

  3. Downloaded ver 3.9, but it doesn’t recognize my Prt SC/ScrLk key, which is one of the two keys I need to remap.
    FYI: Running Windows 11 on LG Gram 15Z95N laptop.


    –Mark B.

  4. Thank you for this awesome program, Randy! Now I can use my Apple keyboard on my Windows freely.
    (if you dont know, the Windows/Command and the Alt keys are switched on this keyboard, so its a HUGE pain in the ass to get used to the new layout, if you even wanna get used to it, which I dont)
    You are great! Thanks again!

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