Pre-Compiling a Bad Thing?

And from the Oops department: I’ve gotten a couple emails that point to a couple of articles that say that NGEN and pre-compiling is not a good idea for everyone. It could run into problems with newer versions and other types of issues… of course none of this was mentioned on the original MSDN article that I got this from – I know, because I double checked it, to make sure that I didn’t run off without reading everything.

As usual, the typical “speed versus ease of use” trade-off has fucked up a wet dream – and now new versions of both SharpMT and SharpKeys have been released.

Simply put it took only two words to make me change my mind about this “newly found” pre-compilation ngen utility that I found on MSDN: Whidbey and pain. Yes, it seems that while this stuff hasn’t caused a problem in .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 it might cause an issue when upgrading to the next release of the Framework, so it’s out. I am pretty pissed off at MSDN for letting that article go out as is – there were no “disclaimers” of any kind in their “speed up” article… just “hey, you can do this, if you want to”. That’s extremely irresponsible of them and I’ll be pretty pissed off at them for a while because of it.

Of course they could recover my allegience by hiring me – I won’t lie about that!

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