SharpKeys 1.1 – Beta 2

If you’ve installed SharpKeys 1.1 Beta 1, please uninstall this version and use Beta 2. Beta 2 includes the new keys that were added to the original Beta 1 release and it has removed the pre-compilation enhancements that have proven to be problematic with the code base. Please uninstall Beta 1 and use Beta 2 in its place.

Download SharpKeys 1.1 Beta 2: Install

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  1. Hello,

    I am getting a message: “SharpKeys does not know about this key – check website for updates”. I’m using a Mac and PC on a KVM switch and using the Mac keyboard. These keys are F13, F14, and F15 on a Mac and my Macro program on a PC is not responding to them properly. They show up in SharpKeys as (00_64), (00_65), and (00_66) but SharpKeys is confused what they are.

    Would it be possible to implement these keys?



  2. I thought about that: keeping the hashtable of keys in an XML file that was loaded at run time, which would allow people to add keys… the reason why I didn’t is twofold: first, I figure that someone would put in an ugly value and lock up their keyboard and then expect me to fix it – that’s a bit “thing” for me to avoid for obvious reasons. The other is that if someone takes the time to research the scan codes and knows what a scan code is, they can manually edit the registry with their own scan code mapping. After all, SharpKeys is easy to use but it really doesn’t have a thing to do with the remapping itself – someone can always update that registry key on their own, just by reading the articles on this site.

    Having said that, a number of these Logitech keys are already in the list of this beta and I’ll add whatever is missing from this list.

  3. Thanks… I see your point about someone causing problems and expecting you to help. I know it’s not too hard to create my own .reg file, but it’s a bit easier with your program. You don’t have to worry about making sure the values are in little Endian format, and keeping the count correct.

    I recently got a Logitech Elite keyboard, and I hate the F-Lock feature and the iTouch software isn’t much help in dealing with it. I’ve found a combination of Ben Pope’s information, further modified using your program and using Microsoft Intellitype allows me to get the keyboard to work the way I want. There were a few more mappings that I wanted to change, but I’ll do them manually.

    I don’t know if this helps, and you probably are aware of it already, but this page has a list of scan codes for various keyboards:

  4. Sure I have to worry about both! That’s part of what SharpKeys has to do :)

    As to the other scan codes, I just added a bunch of “unknown” keys in the lists that should handle most keys that are press via the Type Key screens… there’s a bunch of keys that seem to have different names and functions, depending on the keyboard (and the drivers) so even if the labels are wrong, the mapping should still be sound. Also with the F-Lock stuff, that’s a difficult one because of the hardware nature of the lock itself, but SharpKeys handles that too, by mapping the funky new meaning of F1 to the actual F1 and vice versa… at least it books with it set to F-Lock “on”.

  5. How can I map a key to the ALT+TAB combination? I’ve got an IBM ThinkPad which doesnt have a Windows key (fume!) so the left ALT is mapped to be the Windows key. Now I can’t ALT+TAB to switch windows and would like to assign (for example) F8 to perform the same thing as ALT+TAB. Please help me out thanks!

  6. Sorry, no can do – an entire key gets remapped when Windows re-maps it, so key combinations go with it. I have my right Ctrl key as the Windows key and my right Alt key as the Application key… if I Alt-Tab I use the left Alt for it and it still works – you might want to map a different key (like the back/forward buttons for a Windows key)… HTH!

  7. I also have an IBM ThinkPad which does not have a Windows Key. How can I come up with my own version of WindowsKey+L functionality to lock my PC quickly? I downloaded the Sharpkeys 2.1 but I dont see anything that says WindowsKey+L (or alike) in there… My Tech IQ is not that great so I am probably just missing something obvious. Thank you in advance!!


  8. Well, you can’t get one key to be Win+L – you need to remap one of the keys to be the Windows key. Once you do that, you can hit that key + L to lock the PC.

    FWIW, I remap the right Ctrl key as a Windows key… I also recommend one of the Web Back/Fwd keys if you have a model that has them…

  9. Do you have a ThinkPad with the “Access IBM” or “ThinkPad” button (beside the ESC key)? I’m using a ThinkPad-style keyboard with a normal desktop computer, so this button is useless (calls up WinXP’s Help and Support, whose service I have disabled).

    I would like to use the Access_IBM/ThinkPad button as a Windows key, but nothing comes up when I’m in the “type key”.

    Second choice would be to map the Fn key as the Windows key, but nothing comes up here under “type key” either.


    Like you, I don’t want to use IBM’s keyboard software to make it so :-).

  10. Nope – nothing can be done with either… Lenovo (and IBM before them) captures that in the hardware and it never makes it out…

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