SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT 2.3 – Official Release

After a rather fast beta cycle, SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT 2.3 have been released. This time out, for the desktop I’ve included proxy support; for the mobile version, I’ve added proxy support, better form rendering for landscape mode, and a couple of tweaks to be compliant for a Microsoft Certification attempt. The landscape mode is a tricky business so please report any anomalies; I’ve tested it on hardware and emulations, and don’t expect any trouble.

Download SharpMT 2.3: EXE | MSI | FAQ

Download Pocket SharpMT 2.3: ZIP | ARM | FAQ

I’m also considering abandoning the MSI install process… if people have trouble with it (like Tucows won’t allow it) and I have to build both installs, I’d rather not do both, and the EXE has never caused me worry. For now they’re both available still.

Read: SharpMT FAQ

Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

Read: Pocket SharpMT FAQ

Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

10 thoughts on “SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT 2.3 – Official Release”

  1. odd I have trouble with the exe versions not actually working. I download them and install them and my SharpMT still has the same version number and tells me I should upgrade but the msi works every time.

  2. Hi Jeff, if the version number hasn’t changed, than you aren’t running the latest version – I would uninstall whatever version is there, download the EXE install and run that… at least I know that will work!

  3. i had the same problem – didn’t uninstall the previous version first and found that the icon was changed but it was still 2.2. i’ll uninstall now, but just wanted to let you know that jeff isn’t the only one who had this problem.

    great work, by the way – i love having this tool!

  4. me again…

    i just uninstalled the old version, reinstalled the mt 2.3 executable and am still showing that it’s version 2.2 even though the icon is different.

    any idea what’s going on?


  5. Not sure if it will help, but I just rebuilt them both (the EXE and the MSI) so please given them a try again… sorry for all the problems – this install has been working well for a while now!

  6. Heh, I’m beginning to wonder if I should believe in omens.

    The link is working again. When I release a “new” version, I always put up a double copy: one with the beta file name (so people don’t get a 404 after a new release) and as sharpmt2.exe.

    Except of course with this new file that I uploaded yesterday… somehow the 2.exe got lost. JOY!

  7. that’s not just the 2.3 version: that’s all versions of SharpMT at this time… MT doesn’t allow foreign characters to come through the interface that all of our applications have to use, so they get lost on the upload.

    I am working to see if there’s a work around, but it’s not in this release…

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