And again, Christopher Anthony is the Blog, but this time, it’s a little different. He’s gone off and gotten a fist full of Windows OS and application discs and has decided to experience Windows first hand, since he hasn’t worked with it very much. He’s also turned on the commenting feature on his site, and from what I’ve seen, he’s getting some good feedback through his site already.

This is a good thing. I’ve got no issues with people knocking Windows or Microsoft for that matter. Anyone remember Bob? The Home Division? Mobile Information Server Carrier Edition? Sidewalk? There’s a number of applications and products that have come out of Microsoft that have done extremely poorly… actually, some of them have been horrid… and I’ve been right there bashing the products into the ground, with everyone else.

And I’m not anti-Linux… I’m anti-stupidity. When Chris A. gets done with his experiment, if he comes back with “this this and this suck ass because of this that and the other thing,” I won’t have much to say. I might not agree, and I might take up a debate, but that hasn’t been my problem with his earlier posts. My problem was caused because of the blind belief that Linux could do no wrong and the blind disbelief that Microsoft could do no right. It’s all software… tell me why something sucks, and you might even convince me that you’re right.

And it’s all technology, too… show me something better and you’ll probably win me over. I’ve gone down the road Chris A. is on. I still have RedHat installed to a mostly dormant machine, right here, when I had to run some DB command for my Blog and needed a Linux box. Their desktop didn’t impress me. Their virtual desktop, to me, was useless – I didn’t like it when I had it on an old HP/UX Apollo machine years ago. I didn’t even like it on Irix, which was an OS that I really thought was sexy, at the time. I just don’t care much about that particular feature that is missing in Windows.

I have an MP3 player. It’s an iPod. I went though an RCA Lyra kick for a while. Then had a RomeMP3 player that was in the form of a cassette tape; neat concept but only 64MB of music. Why an iPod? I think it’s the best in the field right now. If Microsoft or Sony or Toshiba makes a better model next month (or year) I’ll check it out, but I won’t buy into it just because it’s a brand name – it will have to be better than what I have now for me to want it. That’s why I don’t have a Palm OS device: the Pocket PC has always felt better and did more for me. I have a PlayStation 2, instead of an XBox, because of Grand Theft Auto 3: not because it was made by Sony.

So I have hopes for the guy… it’s heartening to see someone willing to spend some time (and cash) researching their stance. And even if I don’t agree with the final conclusions, I’m still happy to see that Windows had a fair chance with him. If anything there will be one less uneducated person out there, and that’s all I can ask of anyone these days.

More power to ya Chris.

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