I was browsing some things over Amazon – mostly looking for a new set of headphones, since the Apple iPod In-Ear model can’t compare to the Sony Fontopia pair that I lost an ear thing for – and I noticed their “Featured item” which selected, specifically for me, using their marketing modeling/tracking information. My featured item? A 36-pack of Trojans.

Best supporting case to make “targeted marketing” an oxymoron.

12 thoughts on “Um…”

  1. Well, that’s what’s so funny, especially for people that know me on this side of the monitor. I mean, a 36-pack? Don’t condoms expire in three years or something?

  2. Not sure if they’re the pinnacle, top of the line, I would die before I give them up great, but I like them better than I like the Apple ones.

    First off, they are a plug in the ear (rubber tips) so they have never fallen out. Been pulled out sure, but never popped out by accident – the iPod headset that comes with the iPod I never ever use b/c they sit “over” the ear and tend to fall out of mine. Then the “in the ear” edition of the Apple headset ($40) are the same type as the Sony, but the Sony’s seem to fit better. Apple’s has some weird sort of angle to them that makes it feel like “if they aren’t in all the way you’ll know it”. Sony’s just popped in my ear. Then the sound quality… I don’t expect much from headsets but the Sony’s had a nice range, including a good thump of bass – the Apple’s are very very tin-ish sounding. Very AM radio-ish. No bass sound at all. And even after spending $40 on the Apple’s I just went another $50 locally for a replacement Sony pair. I think the model MDREX71SL but the ones I had might have been a 70… there’s also a noise cancelling version for $150 too.

  3. Actually, if you must know, there’s such a gap between buying and/or using them, that I have no brand loyalty for my latex, thank you very much. As Dave mentioned in class last night, at least they didn’t target me for tampons…

    Ironically, I have a blood oath for coffee brands… talk about messed up priorities.

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