Pocket SharpMT 2.6.2

One last update (and a half) to the 2.6 version Pocket SharpMT: 2.6.2 corrects one oversight (Cut, Copy, and Paste now work product wide) and a few updates to the toolbar, so I thought it was worth it… this should be the last update for a while.

Download Pocket SharpMT 2.6.2: ZIP | ARM

Loosely put, I need to apologize to all of you mobile users: I made a very boneheaded mistake… I assumed that the missing support of the built in the DateTime picker in the .NET Compact Framework was the only functionality of the Windows Mobile platform. I was wrong. It seems that the Framework suppresses the built-in Cut/Copy/Paste functionality as well. It could be called a feature and it could be called a bug… either way, it worked on the emulator but not on the actual device, which is why I overlooked it for so long.

Sorry about that.

On a good note, I was able to borrow a pretty modern Pocket PC from Steve (http://www.furrygoat.com/) and debug the damned thing over the weekend… off the View menu you’ll find an Edit menu. On that popup menu you’ll find Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select All; they work on any TextBox in the main application (I didn’t think there’d be a reason for them anywhere else, but that’s open for debate, I’m sure!) You’ll also find that if you tap and hold over any of the draft’s TextBoxes that a popup menu with Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete will appear – since I couldn’t put in a separator line, I opted to leave off Undo and Select All (which is available via a double click on an TextBox). Lastly, pressing Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V will also work as Undo, Cut, Copy, and Paste.

The push from 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 was to stretch the Copy/Paste support to any TextBox in the application – I originally wasn’t going to bother, but the second comment on this thread pointed it out as an error: that ended the debate about it.

Aside from this I also pulled the toolbar from the application: I don’t know why but it always seem to disappear on random builds of Windows Mobile. So screw it: I’ve replaced the Save button with “Save” and the Options button with “?”. I also tweaked the “Show Exit” option – you no longer have to close the application to show or hide this from the menu.

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  1. (By the way, Frank, you suck! Eating into my Halo 2 time with this! (truth be told, I should be happy – I’ve been in a Halo 2 slump… went from Level 12 to 11 and if I lose another game, it’ll be 10!))

  2. Hmm… what’s more fun. Shooting imaginary bad guys with imaginary weapons, or killing real program bugs with your bare hands on program tools. :)

    I take it then you can’t get the copy/cut/paste to work as expected in form fields, just text boxes. Odd.

  3. Ah, you forget that Halo 2 is Live enabled: that means I get to kill other humans, albeit virtually :)

    Lost me on the form fields… I enabled it for all of the TextBoxes, which is how it works in the desktop version… what did I miss?

  4. Hah! Hey, I took a long look at Xcode when it was first released… I had a PBook at the time – it’s the most god awful dev IDE that I’ve ever seen. Which left Java for coding capabilities, and I’d rather not code than code with Java again… besides, there’s ecto (formerly Kung Log) on the Mac (and I think he’s got a PC version) – using his stuff is one of the things that led me down the XML-RPC path in the first place… well designed stuff he’s got there.

  5. Nice job! Randy.

    When will SharpMT support unicode if I could ask?

    w.bloggar doesn’t support UTF-8 encoding eastern character transfer, messaging errors all the time and nothing be read or save, what about SharpMT?

  6. Thanks! UTF-8 is easy for .NET to support, so it’d be easy to add it to SharpMT. In fact, I’ve done it before: converted all of the file-based drafts, and changed the communication layers… the problem is that the XML-RPC modules that MT and TypePad use don’t support it. I had the lil bugger saving and loading Japanese text, but as soon as it was sent to the server, it choked.

    But I check into it every now and again… if it ever gets supported, it will be added to the project!

  7. Wow! This is pretty much everything I was looking for! Thanks a lot. Works well with WordPress, too.

    Well, I have one suggestion, though. Is it possible to have the media be uploaded with the blog entry? For example, if I don’t have internet at that point in time, and I wish to compose a entry with images in it, can I just package it in and upload the whole entry and images at the same time?

  8. Has anyone managed to get Pocket SharpMT to work on an HP iPaq HX4700?

    I get “An unexpected error has occured…” as soon as I run it. The debugging information reports:






    Randy, any idea what the problem is? I am afraid I have no experience programming for the Pocket PC so I can only report the errors.

    Btw, the HX4700 runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (Version 4.21.1088 [Build 14132]).

  9. I got:


    Pocket SharMT.exe


    No se pudo encontrar el ensamblado de recursos



    Where the spanish message, could be traslated as “we can’t find the resource’s assembler”

    It happens when you try to post something to the blog using an activesync connection. More research…soon :(

  10. Odd. I mean, it was installed as language neutral and I know other languages have been able to use it… I’m at a loss.

    Anyone out there seen that?

  11. To be honest… I have searched everywhere to find informations about Pocket SharpMT. I am no techie at all (I mean It), have no clue of what a MT is, etc. But, I am a PocketPc powerUser (for 8 years and after 11 type of palms and PPCs). I am also beginning with blogs. So, may be I can find some answers around here… but I just don’t know how! Then, here is my question: can we use PocketSharpMT if we have an account on http://www.blogger.com? If yes, how? If no, is there another “non-techies” site that I can use to start a blog and start blogging with my pocket PC (and, of course, PocketSharp MT)?



  12. Blogger.com, no – SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT doesn’t support the Blogger engine… MT is for MovableType, which would require that you set up your own blog site; TypePad is run by the same people that make MT, but they host and maintain the site for you… this is the path I went down, as I didn’t want to worry about hosting my own blog.

    There are a bunch more blog engines out there as well, including MSN Spaces, but not all of them support external posting tools of any kind, much less a Pocket PC version.

    There’s some more info on Pocket SharpMT at https://www.randyrants.com/pocketsharpmt/faq.htm which may help… the biggest problem these days is that blogging is still very much a tech/geek past time – it’ll get better over time :)

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