Reuters: The family of a girl paralyzed in a car crash caused by a drunken football fan won $105 million in damages from the concessionaire that sold him beer, and the girl’s father said on Thursday the case should have far-reaching effects.

Not to take away from what the family has gone through because I can’t imagine it, but… well… what the fuck, right? I mean, does this make any amount of sense to anyone, anywhere?! I’m sorry, but the driver drank the beer. He actively got the beer. He willingly got behind the wheel of the car. He’s the one that drove. He’s the only one that should be at fault here…

What’s next? Suing the grain used to make beer because it has alcoholic effects if it’s fermented?

4 thoughts on “*sigh*”

  1. Did you see the picture of the girl? It was published in the Newark Star-Ledger. Did you read what his BAC was? (.26)

    I dislike money sucking lawyers as much as the next guy, but something’s wrong when you can let a guy get that smashed and ruin a girl’s life.

  2. Yet it is NOT the responsibility of the vendor. Vendors have no way of knowing what his BAC was. They are not responsible to refuse sales unless he is visibly drunk, which, even at .26, cannot be proven through conversation. Some people are a very sober looking drunk.

    How about assessing the responsibility to the dickhead that got smashed and ruined the girl’s life? I fail to see how attacking a vendor is going to help. To follow this logic, a 7-11 clerk would be responsible if they sold a porno mag to a rapist, who then went and commited a sex crime. Or a Home Depot employee that sold rope to someone that hung themselves or a mobster that garrot’d someone else. Or a WalMart cashier for selling Drano that was used to kill someone else.

    I’m sorry, but your case has no support… they should be anally probing the fucker that did this but to go after the vendor is motivated by cash alone.

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