I know, I know, I know, alright? I knew that if I re-wrote any of my apps for Beta 1 of VS2005 that there was a good shot that they wouldn’t work with Beta 2. There was never any discussion about migrating the Beta 1 projects forward… in fact, since you weren’t allowed to release any applications based on Beta 1, why should there be a forward upgrade path?

Yet, for some reason I was disappointed to find 2 errors and 230 warnings from the Beta 1 project… 232 items to sift through, most of which are caused by OM changes. Consequently, SharpMT 3 will be delayed a good while longer – I’m expecting that I’ll have to redraw all of the forms and copy the code over by hand, which is no small job with that application, but jeez… *grumble*

I’ll get around to it at some point. Honest. Besides, with my new “budget” I think I can only afford lattes and coding nights these days.

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