Tiger and Apple

[insert whatever “yay it’s Tiger Day!” obligatory post here, if you want to, but I can sum it up another way]

I hate you, Apple.

Bastards made me go out and buy a new 1.42GHz Mac mini today. Yes, made me. Their coverage has been so intense in the tech sector that I thought I was going to piss in tiger stripes today… it’s been that deep. Thankfully the Education discount took a nice slice out of it, as did waiting for Tiger to ship (another $129 saved off the final price), but the discount only got fully applied after some arm twisting.

A bit on the pricing snafu: Apple retail stores price things different than the online store and they won’t sell you any software there – their boxes are all retail and not education SKUs – but hardware is fair game. They also will price match any “real” ad. So when they tried to charge me full price for the 512MB DIMM upgrade [who in their right mind spends $150 for a single 512MB DIMM? I can get the same DIMM and a handjob for $150!] I took my sales person to a demo machine and brought up the Apple Education Store online. Matched it instantly – yay! – but if they hadn’t mentioned this as an aside, I wouldn’t have known about it at all.

I’m sure I’ll have more on this third attempt to be a Mac user… I have slightly higher hopes this time, but we’ll see how it goes, I reckon.

Hate you, Apple. Hate! Hate! Hate!

6 thoughts on “Tiger and Apple”

  1. I’m still registered as a professor for a University… at least I’m still listed in their directory as staff. Not quite like tenure but I guess once you’re in there, you’re in there for a while!

  2. *heh* – I never thought I’d hear such a comment!

    Actually, I’ve got one again – picked up a mini just over a week ago. Got it in place and it’s running and stuff… but I’m not treating it as a PC – I’m treating it as a music/video burner/mixer thingy, so it gets a lot less attention than my other Apple’s did… probably a good thing over all ;)

  3. so, the clerk gave you the handjob right there in the store (as advertised on the webpage)?

  4. She might have if I paid $150 but since they price matched to the Apple site, I got it for like $68 (sans hand job).

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