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An Apple By Any Other Name…

People following my Facebook status updates already know that I finally got my mitts on an iPhone 4. No yellow spots on the screen. No reception issues that I didn’t have before. Using a Bumper, but that’s because it’s best “thin” lightweight case I’ve seen so far. One tiny scratch on the front already – before I left the house, in fact – and I have no idea how it got there… but with all things iPhone, you never notice the scratches once the screen is on and I really hate losing screen crispness with a screen protector. I’ll just resell it in 11.5 months as “relatively used”.

In other news, I’m watching the “reception issue” fallout with a good amount of amusement because it’s beginning to effect the stock price, which I know is going to confuse Apple’s leadership. You see, Apple is handling this PR problem just like they have every other one – “ignore it because we are right and people will forgive us! – but the difference this time is that the public they are expecting forgiveness from isn’t the same that they are used to.

Ho boy, is that a mistake.
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Well, No Shit.

NYT: A Lost iPhone Shows Apple’s Churlish Side […] Apple executives have often behaved as though the ultimate custody and control of information lies with them, and the company has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect its interests. […] As a consumer and admirer of Apple’s chronic innovation, it makes me queasy. […] Then again, it will take you anywhere on the Web, unless it involves the use of Adobe’s Flash software, which Mr. Jobs has found wanting. The churlishness about Flash again goes to the issue of control, of wanting to have dominion over all aspects of the customer experience.

About freakin’ time someone with a blog that’s bigger than mine said something about it.

And they don’t even get into the compiler lock down that recently got tucked into the SDK EULA…

Glutton For Punishment

Thus begins Round Three of the Apple saga…

I bought a MacBook last night. 2GHz (no underlit keyboard but also less heat than the 2.4GHz), 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 802.11n, etc. My take is that it has a really nice looking screen. Excellent chassis design – first MB/MBP/PowerBook that won’t have bowing problems on the lit or warping problems on the bottom. Keyboard is a little weird for me because the bottom half of the notebook is thicker than what I’m used to. New trackpad rocks: you can turn tapping off but still click because the whole bottom half of the trackpad physically clicks. Makes a cha-chunk sound, but so did the last Dell I used… and now that it’s aware of where the clicking is happening, the lower left and right corners are right-clicks, so my one button complaint is gone.

Why did I buy this one? iPhone development on the road and I’m planning on replacing the Mac mini in the living room since I almost never use it for iTunes playback – the TiVo with Amazon, 360 with Marketplace, and NXE with Netflix have all been the primary means of getting digital video to the TV – iTunes pretty much became a back up.

Already repaving the box tho – typing in the wrong short user name on the first pass caused this exercise…

No matter how good the hardware or the software, User Error can kill anything!

New Apple Keyboard

‘Someone should kick Steve Jobs in the nuts.’


‘Nah. It’s because I’m standing outside of the [Bellevue] Apple Store with a new keyboard and I don’t know how that happened.’


Real live transcript of a TXT message conversation between me and the ‘goat. I typically use a natural curved keyboard… but then I realized that I type on a straight keyboard on my notebook all the freakin’ time. I’ve found the Microsoft Wireless 7000 to be really cool – especially at home because it’s Bluetooth and can be turned off; since I don’t sit at my desk much, this helps me save battery life. But even that keyboard, while slightly curved, is not split like my usual keyboard yet it’s also comfortable. After playing with the new Apple keyboard for a lil while I said “huh. not bad. shiny! mine!” – 3 minutes later, I had a bag over my shoulder and my Dash in my hand, lamenting the purchase.

Ah well – if I get out of this year with only one purchase caused by standing in the Jobs Distortion Field, I figure that I’ve gotten away cheap…

Non-Apple Mac Tablet

Axiotron: First Tablet Mac Solution to be Unveiled at Macworld by Axiotron and OWC […] The ModBook is a high-end slate-style notebook computer solution, which was designed in California by Axiotron’s team of German and American engineers and will be available in the U.S. through an exclusive joint-venture arrangement between Axiotron and Other World Computing.

Interesting product… not because it’s an OSX based tablet – I type faster than I write – but the question is what does Apple do? After all, you legally can’t run OSX on any hardware except for Apple-made hardware. Doesn’t that make this entire product “illegal”? Or does this mean that Apple is going to allow OSX to run on any hardware, announcing it at Macworld this year?

I’m betting Apple sues before the end of the month.

The New Hotness

Apple.com: The new Mac Book Pro.

The specs are impressive, especially on the 15″ – keeps the size and weight manageable but can be pimped out to almost match the 17″ specs – it looks like the only things exclusive to the 17″ are an extra USB port and speed of the SuperDrive… the 15″ can be bumped to the 17″ class with Core 2 Duo @ 2.33GHz, 3GB RAM, 200GB HDD, X1600 256MB (which can drive the 30″ monitor), and all the trimmings – impressive. Heat? No idea, but I’m hoping Apple learned how to apply the thermal grease that was the scapegoat for the original MBP – if not, this thing should be hot enough to fry an egg steak in under five minutes.

What I do feel I have to point out is that this unexpected release highlights my ongoing gripe with Apple and their obsession with secrecy: how sorry do you feel for the people that decided to buy a new Mac Book Pro, just last night? Can’t use the “oh, they didn’t do their research” argument here: while people expected a new model of the MBP, there was no indication that it would hit today. This cloak and dagger game that they play just sucks for the end consumer.

Harder to swallow than broken glass.

Faith Is A Funny Thing

TUAW: Daniel Jalkut has discovered that the Mac OS X 10.4.7 update released last week is causing his computer to phone home to Apple. Every eight hours, a process called “dashboardadvisoryd” is contacting two different servers hosted by Apple, ostensibly to verify that the Dashboard plug-ins you have installed are the same versions as the ones provided by Apple. While this certainly isn’t as insidious as Microsoft’s much-maligned Windows Genuine Advantage program phoning home to verify the authenticity of your operating system’s license code, I find myself agreeing with Daniel that Apple should provide us a way to turn this feature off.

“certainly isn’t as insidious”? Talk about blind faith in believing what a company tells you… Or is it the obvious bigotry that is more blind here? Would it be “OK” if Microsoft said that they too were “verifying the OS files that you have installed are the same versions as the ones provided by Microsoft”? After all, I would expect Apple to be checking for illegal copies as well or better yet for people running OSX on a non-Apple x86 system. If you have legal software there’s no worry… ah well.

Won’t be the first time that the criminal element’s voice had more sway than the populous – look at our own founding fathers :)

Why, Apple, Why?

InformationWeek: Apple Fixes Firmware, Leaves Users Confused […] Apple Computer Inc. quietly issued a firmware update Tuesday for its Intel-based systems that users said fixed overheating problems in the MacBook Pro notebook, which has been plagued with heat and noise issues since it was introduced in February.

Why? Why does Apple have to act like a group of Nazi hording stolen gold, when it comes to this stuff? Can’t they see how it harms the customer?
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