Brief Bit on Baseball

Observation: It’s not that easy being a Yankees fan on the west coast.

Was an interesting few days for baseball, at least for me. You see, for the first time all season, I’ve become aware of the baseball schedule. Why is that you ask? Two reasons: the Yankees are playing in my current time zone and the Mariner’s have just finished three against the Red Sox, in Washington.

I went to Safeco Field for a game last year… while I was there I bought an M’s hat. I have no reason to disrespect the M’s in their home stadium, especially when they were playing a means-nothing-to-me team. In situations like that, I cheer for the home team. I wore that same hat for most of the weekend, seeing as I’ll gladly become a temporary Mariner’s fan when they play Boston – this is a known fact, as I’d cheer for anyone that is playing against Boston.

And so for the last three days I’ve been watching baseball again, for the first time over a year, as near as I can tell – it’s been fun, if only because the M’s took two of the three games from the Sox. Yay! The fact that I was able to switch between the Yankees/A’s and the Sox/M’s game yesterday was also nice to have at again. The fact that the Yankees were on INHD2 (and I kept bonking my head on the TV screen cuz the picture was the clear) was an added bonus.

A bit about that game. I was amused to see the people behind the plate in HD glory: there was a Yankees fan sitting next to his A’s fan girlfriend – I live for that kinda stuff. And behind them was another couple, who irked the crap outta me – they were both wearing Mets hats. I always thought that was a CT/Preppie/Yuppie thing, this “oh Biff we need to look like baseball fans if we’re going to a game!” type syndrome. Guess not. Why else would you have a Mets hat at a Yankees game? Or an A’s game? The NL isn’t even playing there! Are you quietly protesting the DH or something? I mean what the hell is that about? May as well wear a NASCAR jacket to Wimbledon as far as I’m concerned. Annoying r0dents.

Anyway, tonight I’m sporting a gray away jersey – number 21 on my back (thanks for the memories Paulie) – as I truck over to Safeco, again. I warned people that they shouldn’t bring me to a Yankees/M’s game cuz bad stuff will happen. I’m a Yankees fan. Was born into my pinstripes and in my pinstripes I will stay. If that brings me to the M’s home field, in Yankees garb, then so be it – I just won’t wear pinstripes seeing as the team’s not playing at home. And I will cheer for my team. I have no reason to boo the M’s either, but I won’t not cheer for my boys – I don’t care who they’re playing.

Of course, the biggest irony of it all is that I’m 2900 miles from Ruth’s House, and I’m seeing a Yankees’ game before the people that live 70 miles away from it do. *taunt* *taunt* *taunt* hah!

George would be so proud.

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