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One for Heaven, One for Hell?

The Voice of God and The Boss both pass in the same week? The Yankees aren’t going to have enough room for the black arm bands for both of these giants… I hope there’s enough room in Monument Park for another plaque for Steinbrenner, because he needs to be in there. Plain and simple.

As the Voice of God, we can be sure Sheppard is going up; as a teacher for years, as well as PA announcer for the Yankees and Giants, he’ll have a space reserved. The question then is where would you put George, after all those years of iron rule, strife, drama, and chaos? After all, the man did hire and fire Billy Martin until he died. Drove an unflappable Torre all the way to the west coast… yet seven World Series rings and eleven Pennants in 37 years?

God is a proven Yankees fan: George should be talking to Captain #9 about how to beast catch a game while wearing wings right about now.


Finally got around to posting about a happy little number to the blog… basking simply takes some time.

Interesting hallway conversation happened today, with a Mariner’s fan: “Do you really need 27 Championships? Jeez. Can’t you spread the wealth around to the rest of the league?” I had only one answer to that:


Here’s to 162 and 0 in 2010.

A Break Of All Stars

Last minute, I told TiVo to grab the All Star game tonight… not that I usually watch it, mind, but seeing as its being held in New York, I figured it was a great opportunity to see Yankee Stadium in it’s glory [and in HD].

Every Yankee introduced from past or present? Greeted as gods. Every Red Sox introduced? Booed. Every Red Sox player that was booed? Laughing and smiling because they’re used to New York fans acting like New York fans…

Classic baseball, and I haven’t even seen the game start yet!

I’d Give Him a 2.4

FoxSports: A fan plunged from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium onto the screen behind home plate during Tuesday night’s game between New York and the Chicago White Sox, then was taken to a hospital for observation. […] “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said. “I think that’s New York, you know, anything can happen.”

Indeed anything can happen. Twice. I happened to be at the game the last time a drunken fan hit landed on the screen; took the players a while to realize what happened and for the umps to pause the game.

Dumb asses.

Baseball: How To Know When Your Resume Needs Updating

FoxSports: Gary Sheffield knows who leads the New York Yankees, and it apparently isn’t Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez. Sheffield all but appointed himself the Yankees’ most valuable player in an interview with New York magazine, accusing reporters of distorting the truth and ruining team chemistry. […] Sheffield was batting .302 this season entering Friday night’s game against Toronto, a percentage point behind Jeter and well behind Rodriguez’s team-leading .316. Rodriguez also leads in home runs (30) and RBIs (85). Sheffield’s 21 homers and 81 RBIs are tied for second in both categories. […] “It happens because you’re white and I’m black,” Sheffield said. “My interpretation of things is different. You don’t see it the way I see it. You write how you understand it, how you would articulate it, not how I, as a black man, would articulate it.”

Seeya, Gary! Enjoyed the time we had together, but I’m betting you’ll be banished to Colorado for talking to the press like this. In spite of who is the current Captain, George leads the Yankees and I’m betting he’s not going to be proud of you for this crap. I haven’t seen the likes of this since the Bronx Zoo of the mid 70’s.

Can’t say I’m glad to see it coming back to that again…


One down and one hundred sixty-one to go.

And yes, I did a Snoopy-Happy-Dance-Of-Joy when Tino made that grab at first base… so good to see him back home again.

At least it’s something to distract me from the ring ceremony that’s slated for the the opening day at Fenway.

Fu Fu!