Reflections: Pacific Northwest Edition

Has it been a year? Already? Yeah, actually, it has. A year ago I hopped off a plane at Sea-Tac on June 11. Took a rent-a-car over to my temporary housing in downtown Seattle, with a couple of suitcases filled with clothes, and a signed offer letter from Microsoft.

A year later, I’m a “property” owner in Redmond, I own a bike and helmet, and have been lurking around for a pound of “special” M&M’s to bring into work on Tuesday – it’s a tradition in my group to set up an offering of M&M’s (or other candy) to the digital gods every anniversary of your StartDate: one pound per year. I’m also watching it rain at the moment, in weather that’s almost too cold for shorts, even though it’s June…

“Man, I ain’t changed, but I know I ain’t the same” [Wallflowers] or as I like to think of it: w00t.

4 thoughts on “Reflections: Pacific Northwest Edition”

  1. Congratulations, Randy. With only a pound, I’m sure there won’t be any of the M&Ms left by the time I could get over to your office tomorrow, but I’m sure everyone else will enjoy them.

  2. Yeah – I’m limited to just one pound… but I was thinking about trying to find a one pound M&M, which would have made things rather interesting :)

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