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Old Habits Die Hard

Over the last few years, I’ve been toying with the idea of changing my blog engine. It’s not a change I’d take on lightly: SharpMT is still my primary blog writer and that’s tightly coupled with MovableType… yet, I’ve had a less than happy feeling with MT over the last few years, mostly because SixApart keeps talking about their new hotness that I won’t be offered on my MT5 instance. Sure, they continue to update MT5 with security updates, but their updates are a nuke-reinstall-in-place which makes my feet itch, and I wasn’t keen on having to shell out Enterprise pricing for my little corner of the intertubes.

Simply put, the biggest challenge is that my blog is… old.
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Two “err” Headlines, One Day

MSN: Obama to speak to the nation about the economy [after the DJIA drops 10% in two days] followed by “Obama: The US is still a AAA nation”.

Why “err”? Because I realized that this is as close to a Presidental lap dance that you’ll ever get: he has nothing to offer you but what you see and you’re still going to pay him for it, after the dance is over. There’s nothing Obama can say about the drop today and even though we might be a AAA nation we don’t have a AAA rating on our bonds no matter how you want to spin it. Presidental Lap Dance… sounds like a band name.

MSN: Jane Fonda says she suffered low self-esteem over dad’s criticism

Why “err”? You’re Jane Fonda. You’re an actress. You’re career was based of physical appearance and given Hollywood’s ageless quest for youth, you would be worried about your image no matter what your father said to you. In fact, don’t I recall a like of workout videos that promoted weight loss? You’re rich beyond the dreams of most American. And basically… now… well, I don’t know why you’re saying anything at this point. That you were treated like a common teenager? That your self esteem was hurt because of a degrading statement and that drove you to problems later in life? Hey, Jane: shut the hell up because this just means you are a normal person with average problems, just like the rest of us. Except for the people that can’t afford all of the help you were able to pay cash for. Suck it up. Hey, MSN: how is this worth the effort it took to post this? I mean honestly: we’ve gone from Elanor Roosevelt saying no one can put you down without your consent to “My Daddy made me bulimic because he said something mean about me” 60 years ago?

I wonder what the evening news is going to look like – I think I’ll just leave Netflix on.

Take Fast!

Not sure where 2009 is going but it’s obvious that it’s not being channelled into the blog… and I’m not even going to apologize for it. The simple truth is that there hasn’t been much going on that needs Ranting about. And what does need Ranting about is being passed through other channels be it work or personal related… after all, somethings are just simply not meant for public consumption. Hell, even my Facebook status goes for up to a week without an update…

That said, I’ve been holding out for Al-baby to do something stupid that would help me to rally, but he’s been remarkably quiet as of late. The only other coming head explosion will be that around our coming King Country (or WA) sales tax increase… the splash zone of brain matter will be directly impacted by the size of the increase… I’m expecting to be at 9.5% by summer and 10% by year end. This will mean a large head pop.

In other news, there’s a foster kitten in my upstairs bathroom in an experiment to see how my allergies [and allergy medication] hold up with critters in my house… so far so good, but time will tell.

Ever forward.

Not Alone

This isn’t the first blog post that you’ll see with a “Whoa, where did February go?” and probably won’t be the last. I just noticed two things today: a) there’s new Apple hardware that’s been released and b) I haven’t posted in well over a week. Some random observations:

– I have way too many inclosures for backing up data for someone that doesn’t back up data too often

– A busy work life can make for a lack of blog posts

– With new iMac’s having been released, is there a way to turn off the monitor and still be able to use VNC?

– Why does Apple tease me by putting in Shuffle By Album support into the iPhone and then hide it from the UI a la Emoji? And then when someone actually discovers this, why was it replaced by the Genius Playlist that I’ve yet to find anyone using? Meh.

– The Watchmen is going to be The Hit of the first half of 2009, which is interesting. I expect the hardcore fans that have waited over 20 years for this movie to be confused by the reception; I only read it in the last few years so I didn’t have to wait long. I also expect the mass populous to be confused because they won’t “get” the movie but will love it because they were told to… I can’t imagine trying to follow the story without having read the book…

Live Mesh continues to thrill me in its ability and simplicity; I’ve often thought about coding Client/Server apps in the days before Terminal Services and how painful it was… and how easy it is to take RDC for granted now a days. Mesh has had this same effect on me. No matter which machine I go to, I have access to certain files and I now expect them to be there and up to date at all times. Simply brilliant.

– Halo Wars popped out the door today. Having played the Alpha, the Beta, and the Demo, I know I suck horrifically bad. We got our copies last night and I’ve been too shamed to try the RTM bits so far… *sniffle*

– Halo 3 recently logged it’s one billionth online game which equated to about 64,000 years of online play. Cheers to Bungie!

Wonder how fast March will scoot by… and how many games of Halo 3 I’ll be contributing to that ongoing total.

Random News Update

Wow. Been over a week since my last post. Am I bored of blogging? Nah. So busy that I haven’t had time to blog? Something like that. Busy with school work? Nah – BioShock, actually… which is kinda funny since I didn’t care much about it until I saw the demo. Then I figured “ah, lemme get it for kicks” – sooooo very much fun!

Lots of other little stuffs going on too, but that’ll come out over time. Suffice to say that my class is over – finally! – and I’ve been working on a spare liver the last few weeks. Aside from that, just beginning to feel the pressure of the games industry as the Holiday Season approaches… I some how didn’t feel it this strongly last year!