Social Changes: Bluetooth Edition

Someone needs to get on the news and start talking about wireless hands free kits. Obviously we can’t leave it to the carriers – I’m still amazed that any of them are in business, given their tunnel-business-vision. But someone has to talk about Bluetooth headsets. I swear, if I have one more person look at me like I’ve lost my mind while I’m in a the middle of a phone call, I’m… well… I’m going to lose my mind! Even at the local Farmer’s Market, I stopped to pet a Doberman pooch and said into my headset, “You would not believe the Doberman that I’m petting right now! Perfect markings!” Owner of the dog looks at me with wide eyes and almost starts to pull away from me; I look at her and say “I’m on the phone” and gesture to my headset.

Yeah, well, after seeing her expression, I don’t think she believed me… someone needs to start showing off some mobile tech and soon.

7 thoughts on “Social Changes: Bluetooth Edition”

  1. I checked the lost and found at Sears: they didn’t have anything of mine there, so obviously I haven’t lost my mind :D

  2. Glad to hear your mind is still intact…I’m looking to make the move to a bluetooth headset. Have any recommendations?

  3. Any of them, actually. It’s nice to say it for a change, but it’s one BT for all: I’ve yet to have tried a headset with a handset that didn’t work together… it’s more of a question of finding one that’s comfortable for your ear (and possibly battery life).

    Like the Jabra sets are always big and somewhat heavy – I didn’t like them much. I had one of the Motorola’s that was nice but it used to argue with my glasses as to who got to hug my ear. I currently use a BlueTek (I think) G2 which fits well… but since it used to flop back and forth between left and right ear modes, I had to twistie tie it to on side – been great ever since :)

  4. Just got a Treo 650 and went ahead and got the PalmOne BT headset, largely because it charges off the same power connector as the Treo.

    Nice stuff. Immensely more convenient than using the phone “by hand,” and significantly moreso than having a cord going down to the phone.

  5. Yep yep! I also find myself wandering around the house, leaving the phone on the charger… made giving up my home phone line that much easier, since it’s even more wireless :)

  6. I was wearing my headset at the post office the other day & talking to a colleague who was having me pick up some forms for her. Unfortunately, my hair covered the headset. Some old man asked me point blank if I was talking to myself. I was forced to turn my head & point to the headset. It was embarassing to say the least.

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