Strange Things Are Afoot

When does 1 + 1 = 10?

Only the Geeks would have thought “the dumb ass posted a binary math joke?” and clicked through that – thought I’d try to protect the non-Geek readers for a change… anyway, let’s get down to business…

Is Apple really going to flip to Intel? c|net thinks so. The Apple fan sites are running amuck with rumors, speculation, and end-of-the-world prayers for people to read.

Does it matter? I’m sure it does for some people. To me, I own IBM stock and not INTC, but since Apple’s computer sales has been “small” to a company like IBM, I doubt it will have an impact on the bottom line. After all, they don’t get iPod chips from IBM, because that would have a major impact.

Should it matter? AppleHeads are weird. Tell them that you have to spend 20% more for Apple hardware and they’ll gladly do it, putting up a Jobs wallpaper to praise him. Tell them that you can save them money on hardware – if they switch from IBM to Intel CPU’s – and they bitch and moan about it, burning Microsoft logos in defiance [hey, how did MS come into the picture for hardware selection?!] *shrug* So, like, yeah, it matters to somebody.

Bottom line: I think it’s all a PR stunt. Things have been sorta quiet down in Cupertino since the launch of Tiger… the first flurry of “switch to Intel” happened too early to keep people’s interest in the WWDC. So they re-spun the rumor back out just in time to poke people again. At least that’s my take on it.

In other new, a new ThinkPad has been announced: the X41. Due in mid-June, it’s the first Tablet PC to come out of IBMLenovo this century and it looks pretty good. I considered the X series when I bought a T41 over a year ago, but I couldn’t do it. The T41 supported 1400×1050 and that’s the new “minimum” resolution that I’m willing to live with on a notebook. Also, at 14.1″ (versus the X’s 12.1″) it was still pretty lightweight… and that included the optical drive.

If they’d only come out with a T series tablet, I’d be inclined to upgrade. I’ve honestly felt no pangs to upgrade the T41 (which is now “pimped out” with every accessory IBM offered) – to me it’s still the best in it’s class – but the option to have a touchscreen/tablet is interesting. I see them in meetings and on campus… I type faster than I write, but the annotation aspects really make me go “Hmm!”. Just not enough “Hmm!” to shell out money for one… even with the X41 out there.

Strange things indeed: Apple on Intel and I refuse to get new hardware…

3 thoughts on “Strange Things Are Afoot”

  1. well, one option is that you could be on drugs…the other is that you like to work in binary. Either one will warp your mind a little. 0100010010111010101010101010101011

  2. Wow. OK. So the Intel/Apple thing was real. Whats more is that they’ve been dual compiling “just in case” since 10.0. Jeesh… what a secret. I mean it WAS leaked (Mecklar, I think) but no one believed it!

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