Sweet Baby Bubba

Bill Clinton via FoxNews: [Democrats] don’t mind fighting over the issues, but uh, if still after twenty-five years of doing this with great success, when it’s done in every election it seems like we’re always surprised. We’re surprised when [Republicans] do it and surprised when it works. And there’s no excuse for that. That’s our fault, not theirs. They’re in business to beat us, and they’ve got a, if they have a business plan that works at every election, why should they change it until it doesn’t work anymore?

Ya know, if our ex-Pres had said this while in office, he mighta won my vote. OK, maybe not have won it, but he would have won my respect, which he didn’t have for eight years….

Anyway, I have to agree with this quote: he nailed the problem that I’ve been yapping about for a while now. I might not agree with what Republicans have been doing, but they’re the only thing that’s doing lately. It’s really hard to choose the other person when there’s no other person to choose!

The Democrats have been all about “They suck, so you should like us, because they suck!” which doesn’t – and shouldn’t! – work well. I might know my guy sucks – no need for you to point it out to me, thank you,very much! – but until you can put someone out there that can do better, you’ve got nothing to say. Besides, where does it say that you earn people’s support by telling them how stupid they are for backing the wrong monkey?

Show me what you can do, and you’ll get my attention. Until then, please stay out of the way, because you’re hurting your own credibility, and frankly… there’s only so many seats available at the grown ups table, and I hear your mamma callin’ ya home. Shoo, you ignorant lot!

Honestly though, Bill? Ya done good with that statement.

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